ReSource Yourself Meditations

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Meditation – Let Go of a Relationship or Find Yourself Within a Relationship


There are phases in relationships when we face difficult times, conflict, and lots of negative emotions. Sometimes we don’t know if this is the end of the relationship, or a transition into a new phase. Should we let it go, or keep fighting for it?

Energetically, we have to process what we experience in the same way – whether we break up or we work it out. We have to get back to ourselves, and let the other person be who they are. We have to resolve needs and dependencies, and rediscover power, strength and positivity.

One way to move forward is sorting out the responsibilities, and leaving them where they belong. As we do that, the energy rises both for us, and the other person. And from that more positive place, we can see clearer and make better decisions. 

This mediation is an invitation to go through this process of sorting responsibilities. Let go of your attachments and see what’s really there, beyond your fears, your needs, and your suffering. Find yourself again, and connect with your strength. That’s a place from which you can improve your relationship situation, no matter what life has in store for you!

Meditation – Living Life Transitions


Moving to a new place or country, ending a long relationship, dying, having a child … these are just some of the moments in life when we go through big transitions. It doesn’t matter how much we want, or don’t want to go through the experience – we do have to let go of a lot of stuff. And in surrendering and letting go we find a way of moving on, and finding ourselves again, in new surroundings, in a new life, as a new self.

It is generally very hard and painful for us to surrender and let go in such a deep way. We resist change, no matter how much we want it. And we get scared and experience loss, and a desperate need to hold on and control.

This meditation is an invitation to navigate together through the experience of a big life transition. It creates room to face our inner struggle, to let go, and to find peace in the midst of big movement and change.

Meditation – Find Your Inner Voice


We are frequently searching for answers outside of ourselves. We ask friends, professionals, search for information and books – all because we don’t know what’s right and what we should do.

In a similar way, many of us us action – doing something – in order to change something. We are always busy, do sports to relax and to balance our emotions. We are always in motion. 

Sometimes life puts on the breaks, because we get sick or our body has some limitations that keep us from being busy and doing something. Or we’ve been active, trying to find get the right training, information and stimulation, and we realize that we just don’t find the right answer, the thing that gets us ahead, or that the teachings don’t work for us.

That’s when it’s time to look inside, to find our inner voice, to discover our knowingness, and to use this inner guidance in order to know what’s right. Frequently we can transform a situation within ourselves, before we even take action – and that makes the consecutive action more effective and gives us the clarity that it’s the right thing to do.  

This meditation is an invitation to remove the obstacles that keep you from hearing your inner voice, figuring out what is right for you, and trusting the inner guidance in order to progress in life. Connect with your inner intuition and learn how to find all the answers you’re ever going to need – inside yourself.

Meditation – From Pressure to Calmness


Pressure is one of the most frequent negative sensations we experience. We feel pressured to achieve, to be better, to reach goals and results, and to be what we think we need to be. Sometimes the pressure gets so strong that we painfully notice it in our body. It keeps us from enjoying what we have, and see the beauty and abundance of life as it is. It accelerates us and connects us with negative feelings of not being good enough, or never quite “getting there”.

This meditation is an invitation to observe what creates pressure for you, and to explore it within a relaxed and expanded awareness. It gives you the chance to connect with the power of NOW, and to let go of old judgments, beliefs, or archaic family structures prompting you to connect with pressure and to “subscribe” to the mental and emotional patterns that maintain it. Here’s an opportunity to let go, and discover and enjoy your inner calmness and worthiness.

Relax into the moment of NOW, and open your heart to the calmer and more positive aspects of any moment!

Meditation – Enjoy and Use Your Sensitivity


Our lives get more and more accelerated and we process more and more information. For highly sensitive people, that can produce a problem: we are prone to overwhelm, emotional exhaustion, and to feel that we just don’t quite function right, and that we are too sensitive.

Our sensitivity has been seen and treated as something negative, a weakness – and that’s how we perceive it ourselves. We think that we have to cut ourselves off, or to protect ourselves – and it leads us into isolation, separation and defensiveness.

But there is another way. We have to learn to accept ourselves as we are, and to start giving ourselves and our way of being the respect and appreciation it deserves. When we do that, we can discover the tremendous gift we have, experience its perks, and use it!

This meditation is an invitation to make friends with your sensitivity and to get out of overwhelm, separation and defensiveness. It will allow you to accept yourself more, and to release the judgments you have about yourself and your sensitivity. You might just discover the potential for love, connectedness, real strength and grounding, the new forms of information processing and strategic resources lying within this ability – and all the ways you can be an asset to your life, and even the world at large. 😉

Meditation – Trust Life


At any given moment we know some things about ourselves and our lives. They are like puzzle pieces. And just like in a puzzle, it can easily happen that we don’t know how these pieces of information play together.

It’s in hindsight that we can recognize: Ahhhh this is why that had to happen! This is how it makes sense!

But when we face a difficult life period, a time of lots of change or when things a hard, it is very easy to enter into worrying, fear and insecurity, and to just feel bad about ourselves. What we need is trust. We need to trust in life. We need to trust that everything makes sense – that there is a bigger picture, that our life and even our suffering have meaning – and that we will come out stronger and happier on the other side of the challenge we are facing.

This meditation is an invitation to make room for trust in yourself and in your life. It is a process that allows you to become aware of what if blocking you from experiencing trust, from surrendering, from going with the flow of life. It will lead you to a place where you can give yourself permission to let go, and to explore the trust, calmness and peace that is always underneath all the worrying and insecurity.

Meditation – Finding Love

When we think of love, we easily think of having a partner. Specifically, we have this concept of THE ONE, the person to make us happy and love us as we are. But that concept puts the source of love outside of us, and thereby makes us vulnerable, and brings a lot of frustration and tension into our relationships. It's just too much to expect another person to make us feel loved.

Love can be seen as a state of consciousness, and as such it is much more about our way of being and perceiving. It can be associated with beauty, gratitude, forgiveness, flow, creativity, joy - and lots of other wonderful experiences.

The access to love is first and foremost love towards ourself. And being able to experience that has to do with believing that we are worthy of love.

This meditation is an invitation to become aware of and release all the preconceptions and blockages that keep you from knowing that you are worthy of love, and from accessing a consciousness level of love in the first place. It is a journey that allows you to experience love and to bring it into every aspect of your life. And when you give and live love - life will surely mirror it back to you!

Meditation – Relax Your Body


Whatever is going on in our lives, our body is where we receive feedback about it. It shows us when things are out of balance, too much, not healthy, or in conflict. And it also shows us when we are happy and balanced and things are good.

In our accelerated and busy lives, it has become more and more normal to feel stressed and tense, and to have at least a low level of tensional pain. On top of it, we are very demanding and critical towards our body, and we frequently use it in a way that is not very caring and passes beyond its boundaries.

This meditation is an invitation to relax and cherish your body. It allows you to let go of tension, and to perceive other aspects of your life that are burdening your body, limiting your health, and negatively influencing your physical experience. Let go of pain, tension, burdens, judgments, emotions or blockages, and find a caring and positive attitude towards this vital physical aspect of your life.

Meditation – Let Go of Needing Others’ Approval


We all need other people. We are human. And that is genuinely ok! But when we act against our own needs, or we put other people’s approval, recognition, or love over ourselves, then it stops being a healthy exchange. Many of us can observe in daily life how we compromise, only to get something from the people around us. And how much time do we spend worrying about what others think?!

Then, there is always that friend that says – “what do you care about what they think?”… and we know, the friend is right. But it just doesn’t feel that way. And it won’t feel that way until we recognize which inner need we have, that we want others to fulfill, and how it can be met. When we take our responsibility of our own needs, we can learn to fulfill them. We can even learn to recognize that we are complete – and then we can approach others in a completely different way: less dependent, needy or manipulative, and more genuine and open.

This meditation is an invitation to explore your own needs and let go of the (sometimes) immature desire for others to fulfill them! You can stop pulling on others, and embark with me on a journey into yourself. Open up to discovering your wholeness and coming back to yourself, as a strong, complete, clear and resourceful human being! You can then rediscover yourself in your relationships, and change some unhealthy patterns on the way. When you are self-sufficient and emotionally independent, you don’t have to burden other people with responsibilities that don’t correspond to them – and you will be surprised at how light and new your relationships can turn out to be.

Meditation – Handle the Negativity Around You


We’re always surrounded by negativity, people who pull us down and make us feel bad, places and activities that drain our energy. Sometimes it leads us into a state of being overwhelmed and exhausted, and mostly we cannot avoid being exposed to it. And if we try, life finds a way of making us face what’s there for us to learn: Because our normally positive partner goes through a rough time, or we have to face hardships, or we just don’t have the means to change our current surroundings.

Negative energy is contagious (just as positive energy)! It burdens and stresses our body and makes us tired and negative in our thinking and the way we feel.

So we have to learn to “let it go”, but also to face negativity in a way that doesn’t engage so profoundly that it changes your sense of self and your perspective on life.

This meditation is an invitation to let go of other people’s negativity, and healing the parts of you that make you bring it in, hold on to it, or resist it in the first place. As you discover and heal these parts, you find new ways of connecting and being present. And maybe you can discover ways of bringing a little more positivity, love and light into the negativity that used to affect you. Join me in this process, and discover that you’re safe, protected and complete at any moment!

Meditation – Go Beyond the Fear of Failure


Failure is a concept and an experience that influences the way we feel, think, act, are in a very profound way. Sometimes it is present just as fear – the inner message that we might fail, and that failing is something we have to avoid. And then it may create enormous pressure and stress – we put so much effort into trying not to fail.

In other situations, it shows up as the assumption that we will fail – something that already is a fact. Then, it can be accompanied by anxiety, guilt, shame, sadness, or any other negative emotion or physical state.

In any case, if we experience the (impending) failure, it is just an energy that is part of our experience, affecting our bodies and minds.

This meditation is an invitation to see failure for what it is and to explore it without resistance – thereby giving yourself the permission to release it from your body and mind – and your current experience. Stop anticipating failure as a possible reality in your life – and discover who you are beyond these patterns of thoughts and feelings, and bring that positive reality of your Self into your daily and more active life.

Meditation – Open Up to Giving and Receiving


We all want to experience abundance. We want to have more money, more freedom, more options, or more comfort. We are so driven by our goals and visions, that sometimes we forget that it’s not about getting somewhere, but being somehow. Abundance is and inner state, and attitude, the experience of flow, generosity, and openness. And it only has very little to do with money, but generally, with experiencing the fullness and infinite possibilities of life – in any area of your existence.

The energies that most frequently block our experience of abundance are

  • the desire to get somewhere or receive something,
  • the guilt about not being worthy or not deserving,
  • and the fear that we won’t have enough or receive what we need.

If we want to experience abundance, we have to look at the present moment, who we are right here and now. We have to open up to receiving, and be open to giving. Receiving and giving are always in a balance. If we are not willing to give, the balance is off and the flow is interrupted. So we are not able to receive either. And if on some level we don’t feel that we can or should receive, we will start holding on and limiting what we give.

This meditation is an invitation to release the fear, guilt and wantingness that block our experience of abundance in the present. It will help you open up to giving and to receiving, and it proposes a way to shift your perspective and see and feel that everything you need is already within you. That’s where you can feel abundance, joy and gratitude. Trust that you already and always have exactly what you need, and sooo much more – right in the realm of your awareness.

Meditation – Rest Well, Wake up Happy


Sleep is an important part of balancing ourselves, our energy, and our lives. When there’s a lot going on in our lives, it can sometimes be really difficult to relax, to calm down, and even to sleep. The mind goes at race speed, repeats thoughts over and over, and we just cannot relax. And even if or when we sleep, we can wake up without energy, exhausted, or just in a negative inner space. It is as if we were working through something while we are sleeping.

This can even happen when there’s not so much going on. Do you wake up energetically and positively – or do you have to spend your morning time “working on” getting yourself “out” of it, and into an active and positive perspective?

We don’t always have an inner permission to relax. We follow our inner beliefs and convictions that we have to work at it, think about it, process, get ahead – and this happens largely based on subconscious attitudes and belief structures, or negative emotions that just won’t “let us stop”.

This meditation is an invitation to connect with an inner field of rest and relaxation, and release our attitudes and emotions that keep us “working” when we sleep. It can be a journey to discovering how, while you rest, your problems resolve themselves, and how life goes on in the “right” direction even while you are asleep. Program your mind in a way that will allow you to sleep, to charge your batteries, and to return to your conscious awareness with energy and positivity.

Meditation – Joy


Is joy an integral part of your life? Do you laugh frequently, enjoy your work, your relationships, your days – and feel alive?

Joy is really our innate inner state – and when we are not burdened by stress, worries, obligations, negative emotions and old patterns, joy comes up by itself. So when you life is hard, the goal may be to release suffering, and when it is just “ok”, you can continue on the path of growth and go for JOY.

Joy has a lot to do with experiencing ease. No pressure, no obligation, no goal. In order to do that, we need to love ourselves enough to choose to take good care of ourselves: To give ourselves time for renovation, time for recovery, time for things and processes with no immediate “outcome” or “result”. In our busy lives, making time is a huge challenge. And yet, it is not the practical difficulty that holds us back most, but our hidden beliefs about not being deserving.

This meditation is an invitation to create joy: make space for it, allow it, deserve it, remove the obstacles – and to connect with the most joyful inner part of yourself. Give yourself 30 minutes to go through this process with me – and find a joy that can nurture you, and your projects, and everything that is important to you in your life now.

Meditation – Heal Your Relationship With Money


In the world of Energy Psychology we know that what we feel and think about money matters. If we have a positive attitude and feelings about it, that’s when we are actually free to earn more, save more, spend more wisely, and enjoy what money can buy for us. But most of us have a history of worry, fears, limitations and restrictions when it comes to money. It is still an area of our lives that we don’t tend to see as “spiritual”, and that we have a hard time talking about. Money is often a “tabu”, and it’s not so easy to be honest to ourselves about our money story, and about the way we feel and think.

Saving, spending, earning, owning, giving, investing, enjoying, sharing … those are just a few of the relevant areas around money. Money is tightly linked to what we perceive to be our own value and deservingness. And no matter how much we have, we are all motivated and driven by patterns that have to do with how we grew up, the models we had, our family background… our culture, religion – and so many more factors. And there is no upbringing that has only positive or only negative sides – any experience with money contains always both.

This meditation is an invitation to face your negative feelings and limiting beliefs that are part of your “money story”, and to create the opportunity to transform them and let them go. Shift your energy around money, and allow life to support you more. Get to a place where you can feel empowered, in control, relaxed and trusting – and experience abundance!