In the world of Energy Psychology we know that what we feel and think about money matters. If we have a positive attitude and feelings about it, that’s when we are actually free to earn more, save more, spend more wisely, and enjoy what money can buy for us. But most of us have a history of worry, fears, limitations and restrictions when it comes to money. It is still an area of our lives that we don’t tend to see as “spiritual”, and that we have a hard time talking about. Money is often a “tabu”, and it’s not so easy to be honest to ourselves about our money story, and about the way we feel and think.

Saving, spending, earning, owning, giving, investing, enjoying, sharing … those are just a few of the relevant areas around money. Money is tightly linked to what we perceive to be our own value and deservingness. And no matter how much we have, we are all motivated and driven by patterns that have to do with how we grew up, the models we had, our family background… our culture, religion – and so many more factors. And there is no upbringing that has only positive or only negative sides – any experience with money contains always both.

This meditation is an invitation to face your negative feelings and limiting beliefs that are part of your “money story”, and to create the opportunity to transform them and let them go. Shift your energy around money, and allow life to support you more. Get to a place where you can feel empowered, in control, relaxed and trusting – and experience abundance!