We all want to experience abundance. We want to have more money, more freedom, more options, or more comfort. We are so driven by our goals and visions, that sometimes we forget that it’s not about getting somewhere, but being somehow. Abundance is and inner state, and attitude, the experience of flow, generosity, and openness. And it only has very little to do with money, but generally, with experiencing the fullness and infinite possibilities of life – in any area of your existence.

The energies that most frequently block our experience of abundance are

  • the desire to get somewhere or receive something,
  • the guilt about not being worthy or not deserving,
  • and the fear that we won’t have enough or receive what we need.

If we want to experience abundance, we have to look at the present moment, who we are right here and now. We have to open up to receiving, and be open to giving. Receiving and giving are always in a balance. If we are not willing to give, the balance is off and the flow is interrupted. So we are not able to receive either. And if on some level we don’t feel that we can or should receive, we will start holding on and limiting what we give.

This meditation is an invitation to release the fear, guilt and wantingness that block our experience of abundance in the present. It will help you open up to giving and to receiving, and it proposes a way to shift your perspective and see and feel that everything you need is already within you. That’s where you can feel abundance, joy and gratitude. Trust that you already and always have exactly what you need, and sooo much more – right in the realm of your awareness.