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Hi! I’m Katharina Seidler

Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner

Although I’m a classically trained psychologist, my journey has led me to explore many other types of therapy and healing, and my approach was a fusion of many of these – until Reconnective Healing showed me that we are already whole. So now I know how we can get out of the cycle of constantly “working” on ourselves and always having to transcend another and another inner hurdle: We need to remember who we are and allow ourselves to be guided by the truth of it. My path is opening the doors to this experience of wholeness, healing and balance to as many people as possible. My clients come from all over the world and all walks of life. But whether stars of stage or screen or stay-at-home moms, they all share the same vision. To heal themselves, to become the person they truly are and love, to feel peaceful, experience joy, and to evolve a little more every day. If you’ve been looking for something more, you might just have found it. 

My Approach and Path

My work for you cannot be separated from my own process. What I have to give to my clients is what I have discovered for myself. 

When I became a Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner in 2019, I realized that I no longer wanted to teach and transmit the effective and many-sided ways of transforming one’s inner world. I want to open doors to a life experience that lets us know that we are enough, as we are, and in every moment. I realized that I can let go of the constant work of self-improvement, and make room for some flow, ease, and joy in life – no matter my outside circumstances.

With ReSource Yourself I have always followed the mission of helping people to find themselves in their deepest core, follow the calling of their soul, and to shine their light.

Every day I discover how the Reconnective Healing® frequencies help me to receive life on every level, and allow me to be more joyful, peaceful, and more conscious of who I truly am, all the time. 

My Experience

  • Working in a ‘classical’ psychological consultancy
  • More than 15 years of treating clients from A list performers to home-makers
  • Founded ReSource Yourself in 2008
  • Working in different international environments in German, English and Spanish

My Education

  • First Class degree in Psychology from the University of Würzburg
  • Certified NLP therapist
  • Energy Psychology Expertise: Courses in Reiki, EFT, Ho’oponopono, Kinesiology and Quantum Healing
  • Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner

Johanna from Germany

I deal with situations now that were always a challenge for me in a completely different way. Now I face them, and they aren’t a challenge… Read more “Johanna from Germany”

Nuria from Spain

Thanks to Kat and despite my initial skepticism, I’ve gotten to heal things that seemed impossible to overcome – in a very short time. This is not therapy, it is magic … and healing power. Thanks, Kat, for your dedication, your enthusiasm and love with which you do your… Read more “Nuria from Spain”

Joanna from the US

I am in the moment, in the flow, and I am feeling better about things. I just can’t force myself to do anything anymore … I’m just gonna relax and not force it. I’m just not going to resist life anymore. I am going to see what… Read more “Joanna from the US”

Maria-Dolores from Spain

I’ve managed to heal my relationship with money and my work. Also some aspects of myself in relationships with others: my partner, my parents – and I can apply this to any other relationship. When I only think of Kat, my heart opens and warmth comes out, and now I can say – that is… Read more “Maria-Dolores from Spain”

Emily from California

Kat is probably the most compassionate, supportive and insightful person I have ever worked with. I made leaps and bounds of progress through working with her, and I can’t sing her enough praises. She’s got a gift that is absolutely… Read more “Emily from California”

Melanie from Belgium

I was not in a good place but after 2 sessions of Reconnective Healing I feel completely different. I don’t know how but I know I’m strong and resourceful and that it will be ok somehow. I know I can do this, I know I’m enough. I feel lighter and it has an effect on… Read more “Melanie from Belgium”

Paula from Brasil

I feel more connected with something whole, and I spend less time in pain. There is a feeling that I am sooo happy about just being here. I can look at myself almost like from outside, and say “WOW, what a great opportunity to live and what wonderful conditions and experiences!”. I’ve never known such… Read more “Paula from Brasil”

Emily from the UK

With ReSource Yourself, I have reached freedom. The other day, we watched a movie and my sister asked me what “my word” was for myself. I answered “freedom” and then I realized, that is what I feel now. In just three sessions, the things I was worrying about just lifted! And I feel so much… Read more “Emily from the UK”

Xin from China

You let me see a different world – one I was dreaming of. I didn’t realize I can really reach it and be it. It’s amazing. Life goes on – and it will be more… Read more “Xin from China”

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