Sleep is an important part of balancing ourselves, our energy, and our lives. When there’s a lot going on in our lives, it can sometimes be really difficult to relax, to calm down, and even to sleep. The mind goes at race speed, repeats thoughts over and over, and we just cannot relax. And even if or when we sleep, we can wake up without energy, exhausted, or just in a negative inner space. It is as if we were working through something while we are sleeping.

This can even happen when there’s not so much going on. Do you wake up energetically and positively – or do you have to spend your morning time “working on” getting yourself “out” of it, and into an active and positive perspective?

We don’t always have an inner permission to relax. We follow our inner beliefs and convictions that we have to work at it, think about it, process, get ahead – and this happens largely based on subconscious attitudes and belief structures, or negative emotions that just won’t “let us stop”.

This meditation is an invitation to connect with an inner field of rest and relaxation, and release our attitudes and emotions that keep us “working” when we sleep. It can be a journey to discovering how, while you rest, your problems resolve themselves, and how life goes on in the “right” direction even while you are asleep. Program your mind in a way that will allow you to sleep, to charge your batteries, and to return to your conscious awareness with energy and positivity.