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Change your life by receiving – wherever you are in the world!

Experience the Frequencies, Receive Change

Reconnective Healing® is not about fixing a symptom or reaching a goal. It is not a therapy, nor a treatment. It goes – in its experience and effects – far beyond other energy healing methods or tools. It involves letting go of your sense of mental determination, exposing yourself to the frequencies, and allowing the energy, light and information to bring you into a new – or long forgotten – state of optimal balance.

This optimal balance is experienced by everyone in very different ways. The subjective session experience ranges from unspectacular and relaxing to intense and life-changing. Immediate reactions to the frequencies may include physical sensations and movement, mental activity or altered states of awareness and perception.

The RH® frequencies bring healing to everyone, immediately, and often life-long. How, when (and even whether) it comes into your awareness, is very individual. Whatever you witness in the session – you get to go home and discover the changes that unfold on all levels: emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual. 

Reconnective Healing® can:

* bring relief from anxiety, depression, or other negative inner states

* help with chronical physical, emotional or mental imbalances

* improve your general wellbeing and energy

* bring clarity, peace and a deep sense of acceptance of who you are

* speed up physical recovery from injury or surgery, reduce pain, and in some cases, even bring about the healing of previous health limitations

A session lasts about 60 minutes. All you have to do is lay or sit comfortably with your eyes closed. There is no way how you could or should support the process: All you you have to do is be present, observe, and be open to receiving whatever life has in store for you. When you let go of your expectations and allow yourself to just experience, you’ve already assumed the best receptive state.

Sessions can be done in person, or remotely. There is no difference when it comes to effectiveness.

Healing is there immediately – yet we may need some time to accept and recognize it. I recommend between 1 and 3 sessions of Reconnective Healing®. You can book them in separately here.


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What Others Say…

Xin from China

You let me see a different world – one I was dreaming of. I didn’t realize I can really reach it and be it. It’s amazing. Life goes on – and it will be more… Read more “Xin from China”

Johanna from Germany

I deal with situations now that were always a challenge for me in a completely different way. Now I face them, and they aren’t a challenge… Read more “Johanna from Germany”

Maria-Dolores from Spain

I’ve managed to heal my relationship with money and my work. Also some aspects of myself in relationships with others: my partner, my parents – and I can apply this to any other relationship. When I only think of Kat, my heart opens and warmth comes out, and now I can say – that is… Read more “Maria-Dolores from Spain”

Emily from the UK

With ReSource Yourself, I have reached freedom. The other day, we watched a movie and my sister asked me what “my word” was for myself. I answered “freedom” and then I realized, that is what I feel now. In just three sessions, the things I was worrying about just lifted! And I feel so much… Read more “Emily from the UK”

Emily from California

Kat is probably the most compassionate, supportive and insightful person I have ever worked with. I made leaps and bounds of progress through working with her, and I can’t sing her enough praises. She’s got a gift that is absolutely… Read more “Emily from California”

Melanie from Belgium

I was not in a good place but after 2 sessions of Reconnective Healing I feel completely different. I don’t know how but I know I’m strong and resourceful and that it will be ok somehow. I know I can do this, I know I’m enough. I feel lighter and it has an effect on… Read more “Melanie from Belgium”

Joanna from the US

I am in the moment, in the flow, and I am feeling better about things. I just can’t force myself to do anything anymore … I’m just gonna relax and not force it. I’m just not going to resist life anymore. I am going to see what… Read more “Joanna from the US”

Paula from Brasil

I feel more connected with something whole, and I spend less time in pain. There is a feeling that I am sooo happy about just being here. I can look at myself almost like from outside, and say “WOW, what a great opportunity to live and what wonderful conditions and experiences!”. I’ve never known such… Read more “Paula from Brasil”

Nuria from Spain

Thanks to Kat and despite my initial skepticism, I’ve gotten to heal things that seemed impossible to overcome – in a very short time. This is not therapy, it is magic … and healing power. Thanks, Kat, for your dedication, your enthusiasm and love with which you do your… Read more “Nuria from Spain”

Watch, Understand and Feel

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Frequently Asked Questions

How are sessions conducted?

Most of my consultations are held remotely - either by telephone or Skype/Whatsapp/Zoom. It may sound strange, but it's just as effective to do it this way, and it's certainly more convenient.

You may also have the possibility of scheduling a session in person in Barcelona (Spain). Please consult with me about when this possibility is available.


What is your pricing?

An initial 15 minute chat is free. The Reconnective Healing® session is 150€ / $165. The personal Reconnection® in an investment of 333€ for both sessions. This is number reminding us of the origin of Reconnective Healing® and its discovery by Dr. Eric Pearl, and symbolizing perfection, with is what you are.  

Do you offer a guarantee?

Given the nature and individuality of the process, there is no guarantee about the result for you or the way you will experience your interaction with the frequencies. 

Do you give credit?

No, sorry. All consultations must be paid for in advance. When you book using our online appointments system, you will be taken to a page where you can pay by card.

What payment types do you accept?

We will accept anything that Stripe (our payment processor) accepts. If you have any issues, use our contact form to get in touch.

Will I feel better immediately?

Generally, the effects of the RH® frequencies are immediate - but we may take some time to become aware of them.

Most people notice the effect of the frequencies already after one session. With up to three sessions you can give yourself time to open up, become more aware, and receive on a more conscious level.


What about my medical treatments and medication?

Reconnective Healing® and the Reconnection® do not compete with or try to replace more traditional health care. We don't diagnose, prevent or treat specific health challenges.

You are solely responsible for your own medical care.

How do I know if this is what I need?

Book yourself in for a free 15 minute chat.

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