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There are many ways you can access our help and inspiration to transform your life – wherever you are in the world!

Get Support One-On-One

Just because a negative emotion is very intense, or you have experienced it for a long time, doesn’t necessarily mean that it is difficult to change or takes a long time or lots of effort.

Any mental pattern, any tendency to feel or act in a certain way, can be changed easily if we can find and release its root in our “energy blueprint”.  That’s what I facilitate in my individual sessions. I can help you go beyond your rational understanding and to let go of the baggage and burdens that have determined and limited who you are and how you feel for far too long.

You really can change anything you want to change! You only have to be ready to let go, and to embark on a journey with me into the world of Energy Psychology.

Most people notice a shift even after just one session. When you are feeling better in yourself, when you think more positively, it is much easier to like yourself and to move your vision of life into a more ambitious dimension. This in turn actually helps you to create a renewed life for yourself, where you can experience joy, success, health, love and balance.

My sessions are all about authenticity and empowerment. They will allow you to feel not just THAT you are able to change your life, but HOW. You may feel blocked or stuck – but as you process and transform your negative feelings, things will start moving – promise!

If you are tired of suffering and repeating the same experiences; if you are searching for genuine relief, and a deep personal reorientation – I can offer you a loving, encouraging and supporting setting to achieve just that.


Getting Started is Easy


Free 15 Min Chat

Talk to me before committing to anything; book yourself in for a free 15 min chat.

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Here you can use the online calendar to book and pay for one-to-one sessions.

1st Session!

Your first session will probably last a little longer than later sessions – maybe even over an hour.

Frequently asked questions

How are consultations conducted?

All my consultations are held remotely – either by telephone or skype/zoom. It sounds strange, but often it’s even more effective to do it this way, and it’s certainly more convenient.

What is your pricing?

An individual I hr consultation is €300 or €540 for 3 booked at once.  An initial 15 minute chat is free.

Do you offer a guarantee?

If you book three sessions and decide after the first one (but before the second) that this is not for you, we’ll refund the cost of all three.

Do you give credit?

No, sorry. All consultations must be paid for in advance. When you book using our online appointments system, you will be taken to a page where you can pay by card.

What payment types do you accept?

We will accept anything that Stripe (our payment processor) accepts. If you have any issues, use our contact form to get in touch.

Will I feel better immediately?

Most people notice a shift already after the first session. With three sessions you can go deeper and create a real and more durable change.

Are your courses as good as a consultation?

Depends. The Power of You goes very deep and will actually get you better results and more empowerment than a few individual consultations. Other courses are meant as a starting point and first experience with Energy Psychology.

How do I know if this will work?

Book yourself in for a free 15 minute chat.

Contact Me

Ask a question or book an appointment below. I’ll get back to you by email as soon as I can – usually within a day or so. You can also reach me via Facebook or using the details below.

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