Is joy an integral part of your life? Do you laugh frequently, enjoy your work, your relationships, your days – and feel alive?

Joy is really our innate inner state – and when we are not burdened by stress, worries, obligations, negative emotions and old patterns, joy comes up by itself. So when you life is hard, the goal may be to release suffering, and when it is just “ok”, you can continue on the path of growth and go for JOY.

Joy has a lot to do with experiencing ease. No pressure, no obligation, no goal. In order to do that, we need to love ourselves enough to choose to take good care of ourselves: To give ourselves time for renovation, time for recovery, time for things and processes with no immediate “outcome” or “result”. In our busy lives, making time is a huge challenge. And yet, it is not the practical difficulty that holds us back most, but our hidden beliefs about not being deserving.

This meditation is an invitation to create joy: make space for it, allow it, deserve it, remove the obstacles – and to connect with the most joyful inner part of yourself. Give yourself 30 minutes to go through this process with me – and find a joy that can nurture you, and your projects, and everything that is important to you in your life now.