Everything vibrates. Everything breathes. Everything is in constant movement, and whenever you think “this is how it is”, it changes its state and oscillates to a different quality, a different state. It seems to me that this is how we evolve: being in this constant movement and transformation, making sense of it, finding out again and again who we are – NOW.

Life with the Reconnective Healing® frequencies is just like that. It resembles a swaying movement, a flow, a vibration, an up and down, and a continuous variation of slow and fast, hard and easy, expansion and restriction. It is different to me from life “before Reconnective Healing®” in that I resist it less. I am more willing to go with the swaying and accept whatever state this vibration and pulsation of life brings to me. And even the old sages and mystics refer to this phenomenon frequently: the less we resist, the more we can go with the flow and just be, the easier it gets.

I have just gone through some really tough moments: My body was exhausted and sick, I felt weak and down, facing existential fears and hard aspects of my reality, my own ego, my resistance, constant doubts and insecurity, and worst of all, I felt as bad about myself as I had not in maybe 20 years.

Lets say, in this vibration and breathing of life it was a moment of total contraction, halt, and pain.

I have learnt a few things over the course of my life that are still valid and helpful:

  • Always, after contraction, there is expansion. When we feel worse in life is when we can most expand, learn and grow, and then, feel better than ever before.
  • In those touch bottom moments, the most important thing is to be kind to ourselves and to not demand anything from ourselves. We have to give permission to ourselves to not function, not know, not be able to do or change anything… Not because it is not possible, but because we just can’t right now.
  • There is a succession of strategies that I find in myself:
    • first avoidance and distraction,
    • then dropping all action and distraction and allowing myself to feel,
    • facing the pain and being honest, letting all different kinds of emotions run through.
    • And then, only then, it all calms down, and new ideas may come up, decisions to take.
    • And only afterwards, there is new energy, a new motivation to move forward – in the right direction for me and my purpose in life.
  • It is a process that tends to happen in those same steps – and none of them can be jumped over or shortened. In fact, the more I allow for exactly the step that I am in to rule me and take over my way of being, the faster it goes.

There are also a few new truths and pieces of knowledge that I get to experience and recognize ever since I had my personal Reconnection, and since the RH frequencies became my daily companion.

1. O.N.E. Observing, noticing and experiencing… The focus we take in the RH sessions in order to just be in awareness becomes more and more part of my day-to-day experience. It helps me to step out of the drama. Whenever things get too hard, or I get too frustrated or negative, I remember to “step out”… to become the observer of whatever is unfolding in front of me. It is incredibly helpful to distance oneself from the experience and the story we so often defend viciously.

2. Stepping into my own multidimensionality. For me, the word “multidimensionality” means that things are not as simple and linear as they may seem. It means that as the frequencies become a more habitual aspect of my experience, I become more and more aware of EVERYTHING BEING THERE AT THE SAME TIME. So I can be absolutely devastated, scared, hopeful, angry and peaceful at the same time. I experience the possibility of shifting my perspective, and even being in different perspectives at the same time. And if everything is possible and real at the same time, it is just a small step to letting go of some of the story I experience, and therefore, some of the related negative emotions. At the very least, I can adopt another attitude much more easily.

And even if nothing shifts or changes, multidimensionality bears in itself the possibility to be happy, grateful and enjoy life – even when things are “less than perfect”.

Multidimensionality also means that answers and solutions can come from places that I cannot deliberately access, nor understand. It means that I may receive answers or relief through my own inner knowingness, and much less through my rational thinking.

3. The urge to connect. I search for solutions in different ways. And even though it surprises me time and time again, I connect with other people (for example, in moments of shame or fear), when I would have used to feel like hiding or just being alone. Through the interaction with other people, I receive solutions. Even in those moments of pain and contraction, there is an element of expansion going on, because I share and open up. It’s like I know on a very deep level that I am ok, and I don’t have to disconnect and hide so that no one sees me that way.

4. Life supports me. I used to be stuck in a cycle of incessant inner work. As soon as I had changed one negative belief system, another one came up. And when that one was transcended, there was always another layer, another aspect, another piece of negativity that “I had to” transform into light and love. It was exhausting.

Now I know that everything is connected, and that I am truly, deeply whole and enough. That knowledge, along with an attitude of observing, has brought me a sense of being supported by life. I don’t know how many times, when I just observe and let things ” run through me”, I go to bed – and the next day the problem has disappeared. I realize that life has a dynamic of its own, and a life force in and of itself. It doesn’t need me to “fix it or make it better”. What a relief!

It somehow all got deeper, easier, more connected. A part of me recognizes the vibration of life, the constant movement and transformation. Nothing is permanent. Everything comes and goes, begins and ends. There is a comfort in being aware of the flow of life in that way. And it opens the door to joy right here and now: If everything vibrates, breathes and changes in and of itself, as the innate quality of its essence, then all I want to do is enjoy, appreciate and value each and every expression of life. The Reconnective Healing® frequencies have made this gift of awareness to me – and if you have read to this point, chances are, they have something wonderful in store for you, too!