You are whole

Reconnect with yourself and receive



Reconnective Healing

…connects us with our true self and opens the door to a profound balance and healing in our lives. The most immediate way to experience Reconnective Healing for yourself is by having a one-to-one session. Using the latest web conferencing technology this works whether you are in Beijing, Baltimore or Berlin.

Life Progress

Life can be an experience of flow and ease when we learn to receive. Beyond the benefit of your original healing session(s), the Reconnective Healing frequencies accelerate your life progress and the way you experience and express yourself, your life, and your life purpose. They create peace and a deep knowingness that guides you.

Social Media

Engaging with us on social media – especially Facebook – gives you some free content, useful information, and is a great way of finding out more about Reconnective Healing and how it can elevate and ease your life, and sharing with a like-minded community.

Hi! I’m Katharina Seidler

Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner

Although I’m a classically trained psychologist, my journey has led me to explore many other types of therapy and healing, and my approach was a fusion of many of these – until Reconnective Healing showed me that we are already whole. We don’t need methods. We need to remember who we are and allow ourselves to be guided by the truth of it. My path is opening the doors to this experience of wholeness, healing and balance to as many people as possible. My clients come from all over the world and all walks of life. But whether stars of stage or screen or stay-at-home moms, they all share the same vision. To heal themselves, to become the person they truly are and love, to feel peaceful, experience joy, and to grow a little more every day. If you’ve been looking for something more, you might just have found it. 

Are you ready for your life to be changed?

Reconnective Healing is more.

Reconnective Healing® are evolutionary frequencies containing a bandwidth of energy, light and information. They have the capacity of awakening us to our real potential and purpose, and to bring balance to where we most need it.

Reconnective Healing is not about curing symptoms, but about becoming one with ourselves and experiencing something deeply connecting that goes beyond our reasonable mind and our linear understanding of reality. In the triangle of practitioner – client – frequencies, we can receive healing on different levels of our existence (physical, mental, emotional, or as resolution in specific areas of our life). All we have to do is set our expectations and hopes aside, and open up to what life has to give to us!

Contact me to find out more or directly book in a session to let your life be transformed.

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