Whatever is going on in our lives, our body is where we receive feedback about it. It shows us when things are out of balance, too much, not healthy, or in conflict. And it also shows us when we are happy and balanced and things are good.

In our accelerated and busy lives, it has become more and more normal to feel stressed and tense, and to have at least a low level of tensional pain. On top of it, we are very demanding and critical towards our body, and we frequently use it in a way that is not very caring and passes beyond its boundaries.

This meditation is an invitation to relax and cherish your body. It allows you to let go of tension, and to perceive other aspects of your life that are burdening your body, limiting your health, and negatively influencing your physical experience. Let go of pain, tension, burdens, judgments, emotions or blockages, and find a caring and positive attitude towards this vital physical aspect of your life.