Failure is a concept and an experience that influences the way we feel, think, act, are in a very profound way. Sometimes it is present just as fear – the inner message that we might fail, and that failing is something we have to avoid. And then it may create enormous pressure and stress – we put so much effort into trying not to fail.

In other situations, it shows up as the assumption that we will fail – something that already is a fact. Then, it can be accompanied by anxiety, guilt, shame, sadness, or any other negative emotion or physical state.

In any case, if we experience the (impending) failure, it is just an energy that is part of our experience, affecting our bodies and minds.

This meditation is an invitation to see failure for what it is and to explore it without resistance – thereby giving yourself the permission to release it from your body and mind – and your current experience. Stop anticipating failure as a possible reality in your life – and discover who you are beyond these patterns of thoughts and feelings, and bring that positive reality of your Self into your daily and more active life.