There are phases in relationships when we face difficult times, conflict, and lots of negative emotions. Sometimes we don’t know if this is the end of the relationship, or a transition into a new phase. Should we let it go, or keep fighting for it?

Energetically, we have to process what we experience in the same way – whether we break up or we work it out. We have to get back to ourselves, and let the other person be who they are. We have to resolve needs and dependencies, and rediscover power, strength and positivity.

One way to move forward is sorting out the responsibilities, and leaving them where they belong. As we do that, the energy rises both for us, and the other person. And from that more positive place, we can see clearer and make better decisions. 

This mediation is an invitation to go through this process of sorting responsibilities. Let go of your attachments and see what’s really there, beyond your fears, your needs, and your suffering. Find yourself again, and connect with your strength. That’s a place from which you can improve your relationship situation, no matter what life has in store for you!