We all need other people. We are human. And that is genuinely ok! But when we act against our own needs, or we put other people’s approval, recognition, or love over ourselves, then it stops being a healthy exchange. Many of us can observe in daily life how we compromise, only to get something from the people around us. And how much time do we spend worrying about what others think?!

Then, there is always that friend that says – “what do you care about what they think?”… and we know, the friend is right. But it just doesn’t feel that way. And it won’t feel that way until we recognize which inner need we have, that we want others to fulfill, and how it can be met. When we take our responsibility of our own needs, we can learn to fulfill them. We can even learn to recognize that we are complete – and then we can approach others in a completely different way: less dependent, needy or manipulative, and more genuine and open.

This meditation is an invitation to explore your own needs and let go of the (sometimes) immature desire for others to fulfill them! You can stop pulling on others, and embark with me on a journey into yourself. Open up to discovering your wholeness and coming back to yourself, as a strong, complete, clear and resourceful human being! You can then rediscover yourself in your relationships, and change some unhealthy patterns on the way. When you are self-sufficient and emotionally independent, you don’t have to burden other people with responsibilities that don’t correspond to them – and you will be surprised at how light and new your relationships can turn out to be.