How does this Reconnective Healing® work? What is the session like? How will it affect me? Can I know I will feel better? Will I get the change I want? And how can this work from a distance?

Those are just some of the questions I get frequently when I talk about what I do. And I love answering them. I thought that what we see and feel is often easier to “get” than what we understand. So I have a real treat for you today: My friend let me record a short video during a part of her session – and I am sharing this sneak peak with you today.

It’s just 19 seconds – but observe and notice what you feel in your body as you watch it. There is nothing specific you NEED to feel – but generally the Reconnective Healing® frequencies are quite tangible. For many people they create physical sensations and reactions such as changes in warmth, tingling, stretching, and involuntary movements.

In a session, the practitioner connects with the frequencies and with the client – and in this “triangle”, the client gets to experience the frequencies. When the session is in person, the way this is done is by exploring, sensing and feeling the frequencies within the energy field and around the client. So there is no touching.

If the interaction and healing is done as a distance session, the client sits or lays down comfortably in their own place, and the practitioner does the same thing – putting the awareness on the client and the frequencies at the same time. I have done different energy healing approaches before – but never have my clients been so clearly amazed about all the things they got to feel and experience during the session. Even the most quizzical and critical minds frequently just have experiences that quiet all doubts.

When we expose ourselves to the frequencies, we open up to receiving what ever there is for us at this moment, whatever our soul and our life most need. It may be what we want – or it may be something we didn’t even consider. The frequencies create a deep balance, which then can show up as healing and change on all the different levels – mental, emotional, physical or in life change. The beauty is that we don’t need to rely on our limited perception, experience and concept of focus to figure out what is “wrong” or what it needs. Instead, we may have an experience that allows us to remember that we are complete and whole – and to bring that information into our daily life with its practical challenges. We trust these frequencies and the field of energy, light and information they connect us with to bring about the shift, change or healing we most need – independently of what we think that might be.

Many people experience relaxation, ease, peace, clarity, or healing. The sessions often shift the energy level the client experiences – and that is generally experienced as very pleasurable. It creates immediate change that tends to be durable – and we also get to discover and uncover its consequences in our lives over the course of time. I suggest you check the testimonials if you are curious about how people have experienced this!

Reconnective Healing is different, deep and incredibly powerful. It is different for everyone – and there is only so much you can understand when reading or hearing about it. The best way is to just experience it. I invite you get in touch if you have questions or doubts, or just make yourself a gift and book in a session!