Pressure is one of the most frequent negative sensations we experience. We feel pressured to achieve, to be better, to reach goals and results, and to be what we think we need to be. Sometimes the pressure gets so strong that we painfully notice it in our body. It keeps us from enjoying what we have, and see the beauty and abundance of life as it is. It accelerates us and connects us with negative feelings of not being good enough, or never quite “getting there”.

This meditation is an invitation to observe what creates pressure for you, and to explore it within a relaxed and expanded awareness. It gives you the chance to connect with the power of NOW, and to let go of old judgments, beliefs, or archaic family structures prompting you to connect with pressure and to “subscribe” to the mental and emotional patterns that maintain it. Here’s an opportunity to let go, and discover and enjoy your inner calmness and worthiness.

Relax into the moment of NOW, and open your heart to the calmer and more positive aspects of any moment!