Our lives get more and more accelerated and we process more and more information. For highly sensitive people, that can produce a problem: we are prone to overwhelm, emotional exhaustion, and to feel that we just don’t quite function right, and that we are too sensitive.

Our sensitivity has been seen and treated as something negative, a weakness – and that’s how we perceive it ourselves. We think that we have to cut ourselves off, or to protect ourselves – and it leads us into isolation, separation and defensiveness.

But there is another way. We have to learn to accept ourselves as we are, and to start giving ourselves and our way of being the respect and appreciation it deserves. When we do that, we can discover the tremendous gift we have, experience its perks, and use it!

This meditation is an invitation to make friends with your sensitivity and to get out of overwhelm, separation and defensiveness. It will allow you to accept yourself more, and to release the judgments you have about yourself and your sensitivity. You might just discover the potential for love, connectedness, real strength and grounding, the new forms of information processing and strategic resources lying within this ability – and all the ways you can be an asset to your life, and even the world at large. 😉