Reconnective Art

It just flows. I love it. I need it.

I’ve always been a creative and artistic person. Before Reconnective Healing, I had times in which creative processes were very important. But it has never been as consuming as now.

My art is connected with the inner transformation I experience. It is the visual output of suffering turning into peace. I have this need to express what I feel and experience. And ever since becoming a Reconnective Healing® professional, I’ve gotten the gift of colors, objects and images that help me do that. Something has opened up in me – and it brings out a talent I’ve always had in a strong, colorful, clear and incessant way.

Creating art is the one process where my spiritual connection and my physical existence come together perfectly in balance. Every piece contains a part of me, is deeply felt, and moves me to the core of my existence. I hope that it can touch you and your life in an equally deep way.

Flow of Life – SOLD

Everything constantly changes. We are part of something bigger, a drop of water in the sea of life, and we re-define ourselves again and again. As we do so, we radiate out who we are, and we effect our surroundings and change the shape of life, at least for a moment, at least in a momentary perception. We may not even be aware of how we impact the lives of others. This picture is a celebration of the constant creation which we are, and of the balance in our awareness – between our infinite source and our human existence and meaning.

Self-Portrait – NOT FOR SALE

I’ve been working on this self-portrait for almost two years. I’ve always felt not very grounded, and have been searching within myself for this connection of my intuition, sensitivity, and knowingness, with a stable way of being in this world. It’s through my experiences with Reconnective Healing® that everything came together. One day I looked at it, and I knew: It’s done. This is me.

I Bring Light

This painting is one of a series of two that I made for my son, and a child that I lost early in the pregnancy.

My son Eric has a rare genetic condition that keeps him from being able to speak. Yet he expresses so much, and he reaches people on such a deep level. He radiates light, makes people smile, brings them together. This painting was my way of connecting with his soul’s purpose.

I Bring Balance

This painting is one of a series of two that I made for my son, and a child that I lost early in the pregnancy.

Loosing a child, even if it was only in an early stage of the pregnancy, was one of the most impacting and existential experiences I had. Beyond the pain, you search for meaning, understanding, peace. This painting was my way of connecting with this soul who I believe to be my daughter, and my answer to why she was never born.


Life of Heart I – Heart of Life

Our heart makes us who we are. It transforms as we live, and sustains its qualities in the face of whatever walls we try to put up to protect ourselves. Much of the beauty, joy and growth we experience is a result of becoming more heart-centered. In return, our hearts and love get nurtured through life itself as it presents more and more opportunities to become love, rather than receive it. Our hearts are the center of connecting. In love, we allow any experience, even the painful ones. Through love, they transform.

Life of Heart II – Connectedness

This is about becoming love, rather than receiving it. It is about love in our lives, as a quality of who we are, and a quest for discovery. It is also about the loves in our lives, people, places, things – the ones that are unfulfilled or connected through pain, and accepting that connection as a part of us, and as exactly what we need to grow. Last but not least, it’s about the love we have for ourselves, that sustains us, and allows us to be us. 


Receiving is a big theme in my work and my life. How can we open up? How can we feel worthy of receiving?

Receiving in my life means opening up to experiencing, and to discovering yourself anew. As I experience the RH frequencies on a daily basis, it is like discovering layers, experiencing the waves a drop makes when falling into the water. It may give me a sense of not being permanent, being in motion, being a constant creation. Yet in its entirety, what I receive is beautiful, meaningful and … just me.   


Throughout my adult life, I have repeatedly experienced very high states of consciousness. Everything blends into nothingness, there is no suffering, only peace, and a delicate silence that means everything. I learned that especially when I go through very deep suffering, and I let go, surrender to life, I can become one, and not only know that I am, but be it – at least for a little while. This painting was inspired by one of these states.


Sometimes you just know that something is right for you. You are sure within yourself, but you still don’t see it in your manifested reality. We can feel unsure when we cannot touch or see a reality. But then what do we do with our inner knowingness? We can’t abandon our intuition. When life is turbulent and full of movement, we have to believe. We have to know and believe that we are whole, and that we enough, and just right in every moment. Life unfolds exactly in the way that is perfect for us. In our capacity to believe lies peace.

Life Gives to Me

Reconnective Healing brings out our fears, and as we are courageous enough to go through, releases them. One of my big fears was giving more than I receive. I just couldn’t believe that I would get what I need or deserve. This painting is what happened when that fear transformed into peace.

Trust – SOLD

In some life situations we cannot see clearly. We see and perceive, but we don’t know what it means. The pieces are moving, and we experience insecurity. we go through loss, and all this space is created in our lives, for something new to come. When things get tough, we have to trust that there is a meaning behind what we are going through, that it will help us grow, and that life will transform into something even better. We have to trust that life will take form, and we will find a new self in a new expanded life reality.


Abundance is an inner state. It is not a reaction to something that we have or get. It is a state of appreciation, gratitude, and marveling in the joy of being alive. Abundance is a quality of who we are. And as so many of the qualities of our eternal existence – peace, love, creativity, beauty – we cannot always perceive it. We are not always aware of HOW abundant we are. Receiving – that’s the skill we can develop in order to be more aware of our abundance. We learn to open up to what is coming towards us, what life has to give to us. And we learn to appreciate and see just that: the beauty of imperfection, the perfection of the broken, the power of flow, the richness of just being.

I Am Filled With Unlimited Value

Reconnective Healing® are frequencies of energy light and information. I am almost “obsessed” with the light aspect these days. I feel the light in my heart, and the light coming through my eyes. I can see that light in other people, and it always touches my heart in the most exquisite way. It is not only visible, but tangible. My idea for this picture was to somehow capture that sensation of light and the peace, beauty and aliveness it brings. As I painted, the phrase “I am filled with unlimited value” came into my mind and stayed there – filling me with a drive to continue this painting and lifting me up into a very different kind of awareness while I painted – and every time I look at it.

Summer Day

I’ve been wanting to bring the sea onto canvas for a long time. This painting has been been sleeping within me. And when it came out, it totally surprised me. I felt the colors first, and experimented with new gold nuances – and then I saw something on the canvas that I feel very often: The sensation that there are different parallel realities, different levels of awareness, integrating and coexisting with each other. The process of living with the Reconnective Healing frequencies has so much to do with experiencing the connection of our Source, who we really are, with the day to day happenings. It makes you go deeper, feel deeper, connect more with everything you get to experience, and creates a joy in its beauty – just like the joy I feel when I dive into the world of this piece. The light of a summer day can create that sensation and bring about that joy, just like the light in a person’s eyes, or the light reflecting in me while I drive.

Flow forward. Flow forward. Like a wave, it cannot be stopped. It moves. 

Solomon Speaks (page 36, by Dr. Eric Pearl and Frederick Ponzlov)