How To Best Prepare, Live and Enjoy the Holidays

Christmas is not just a date. It’s a spirit, an attitude and something you create. Many years we get to Christmas and just end up exhausted. We may be disappointed or deceived in our expectations, and we have to face the real family that we have, not an ideal one we imagine. But how do we best do that? How can we lessen stress and pressure, and create more moments of what supposedly is the Christmas spirit: love, joy, closeness, connection, and peace?

About Christmas Magic

When I grew up, Christmas time and the weeks before the big family celebration were always very special. I remember the patience and dedication with wich my mom decorated the house, we made tons of cookies and filled the house with this beautiful homey smell, we had times to sing together and make music, or read poems and Christmas stories. There was this sense of anticipation and something magical about to happen that built and culminated in a moment of indescribable intensity when we kids were allowed to open the door and see the decorated tree for the first time – and the gifts underneath.

The Reality of the Holidays

It sounds like a fairy-tale, doesn’t it? It was, and I still have all those experiences – even though now I am the mom creating them. But I also remember how, growing up, there were many experiences that colored the holidays in a different way. I realize that I was filled with such high expectations about how magical it had or has to be, that I experienced incredible stress and a lot of frustration. On one hand, it was a huge responsibility to “get everything perfect” (when I am sure that was never my mom’s goal to begin with, but it was mine). And over the years I realized that no family is perfect, and that it is too high an expectation to want peace and joy and nothing else – after all, we are all people, and we feel things. And especially when we are under pressure for things to be good, the tensions, conflicts and problems have a tendency to come out.

I also know that Christmas is the time of the highest suicide rate, and all the jolly ideas, sounds and images that surround us can make people feel really isolated, alone and depressed.

So I’ve been rediscovering what Christmas means to me. I realize that maybe for you, the holidays have a different celebration, or no religious context at all. But all that doesn’t matter: At the end, I think this is the time of year where we all wish for closeness and connection, and it would be wonderful if we could experience love, joy and peace.  And now I know, those experiences are something that first and foremost, we have to create and find within ourselves. We are the ones who experience “the Christmas spirit” – or who don’t. We are the ones who get to create our own memories, and those of our kids.

It All Starts With You

So it is always a season that makes us wish for a lot, and desire closeness, calmness and joy in our relationships with ourselves, our friends and family. I am convinced now that being able to enjoy the holidays has a lot to do with skills that we can learn, and attitudes that we can choose. And the more we choose calmness and gratitude over stress and pressure, the better we will feel. And the better we feel, the better it feels for those around us. And the more we all enjoy the experience.

My Thanks to Life and a Gift to You

So this year, I have experienced some rough patches and big challenges, and I have received incredible support from my family, but also from people who just came into my life and showed up to help me, no questions asked. I am incredibly grateful, and I want to give back – to them, to life, and to all of you.

So I decided to share with you some of my most appreciated actions, inner processes, perspectives, thoughts and some of the moments that make my holiday season special, and help me to connect with what is there, and make the most of it. I hope like me you will discover, that the magic lies in the real existing moment, the real existing you, and within the courage to connect with the positive, and to be present with what first seems to be “an obstacle”.

24 Seasonal Moments of Love and Peace

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