Your life path is already clear, even if you cannot see it.

Sometimes we don’t make a move to change something that we definitely need and want to change, simply because we don’t know, which move. We see different doors and paths, and we cannot choose. We just don’t know which.

It’s not even because we are scared, and not because we think it can’t be done ( even though that might also be the case on some part of your journey). Maybe it’s only, because we can’t see the path that lies ahead. We don’t have clarity. And we do like having a plan! We do like knowing what’s coming and what lies ahead. We do like knowing what we go for and how it is going to be.

We live in a time of enormous transformation

But we live in a time off huge and incredibly fast change. Our world is changing, the way we access information, connect, and process things is changing. How we are and how we perceive is changing. Every day, there are more people who use their sensitivity to their own body and the sensations and emotions they feel in order to process reality and to figure out the best plan of action. The concept of “highly sensitive people” used to be something extraordinary and exceptional – not because they were always rare, but because so few people were aware of their own skills and possibilities in that way.

That is changing. So many of us have experienced how frustrating it is to turn a problem over and over in your mind, with more understanding, more information – and never experiencing a shift, never getting a solution.

So we open up to new ways. And those new ways start out as questions, as curiosity, as a tentative sensation that there has to be something more. 

Decide that you believe

You can nurture and speed up this process if you connect with the part in you that knows: There has to be something more! There has to be a way of living without pain, without constant struggle and stress. There has to be meaning and excitement and joy in my life! There has to be an answer to my burdens and to the experience of being stuck.

Yes, most often there is. That’s what I always tell people: start out by choosing to believe that there is a solution for you! And just because you haven’t found it, and it hasn’t shown up in your search results, your mind can’t conceive of it – that doesn’t mean that it isn’t there.

I know it exists. Can you trust me? 

If your answer is no, no problem! Find someone else who knows that it’s possible for you, and whom you can trust. 

When you choose to believe, even just as a threat of hope, that what you desire is possible for you, then your perception will change and bring different aspects into your awareness, different people and messages and ultimately, your path, your next step. You will look out for and attract people who have gone through the doors you are facing – and can shed some light. And the best in all of this: The universe will conspire to help you in your quest to grow, to be a happier person, to release pain or meaninglessness from your life.

You will find yourself connecting, finding like-minded souls, and all of a sudden, you will see that you are not alone, and that we are all digging deeper, finding the answers within, and inspiring and helping each other out in the process.

And, suddenly, you will see clearly. You will understand the path that you are taking and the steps that are necessary. You will find yourself moving swiftly, creating new options and formerly unfeasible solutions. You will discover new sides of yourself that you never knew existed – and open up the door to a world of possibilities!

The answers are there, waiting for you to find them. In fact, they may be searching for you! So trust your gut, rely on that feeling in your body that tells you – there is something for me in choosing this path, going through this door. Open up and do whatever small movement is possible! Choose the door that feels right in your body, that gives you a good physical sensation when you think about it. And then, without knowing and understanding, move. It will bring new information, understanding and clarity – and it inevitably will confirm to your mind that this was the right path to take.

PS: As always, I am here to help. If you are stuck pondering doors and you just can’t see clearly, book in a free call with me and let me help you find your next movement.