Read, Hear and Watch about Reconnective Healing

Reconnective Healing (RH) is a new form of energy health care. It accesses specific RH frequencies, a vibration of light, energy and information. When we expose ourselves to these energies, what we do is RECEIVE. We receive the frequencies, and they create a new and profound balance within us. That balance can be experienced as healing on many different levels: physical, mental, emotional, or in acceleration, transformation and resolution in specific life areas.


How It All Began – The Book

The Reconnective Healing Frequencies were discovered by Dr. Eric Pearl in LA in 1993. The chiropractor experienced these energies in his hands, and people started experiencing healings. He didn’t know what was occurring and went on a beautiful quest trying to make sense of it all. Little did he know that he would discover that what was happening to him could actually be taught – and that he would help many people to discover this approach to healing within themselves. We can all feel the frequencies – and once we have, we can find them again and again. A process of entrainment starts when you first expose yourself to the RH frequencies – and it can change your life in the best and most profound way, should you wish so.

Eric Pearl describes his journey in this beautiful book which I can only recommend. It’s the journey of a critical, rational, questioning mind opening up to what cannot be grasped completely by our mind. It is the journey of one of the most humble and humorous people I know, and a story of the magical, beautiful, inexplicable and a series of incredible “coincidences”. Moreover, in a step-by-step instruction, Eric Pearl also lays the basics for people to discover and start playing with the frequencies on their own.


A Beautiful Way to Entrain – the Free Audiobook

If this sounds fascinating to you, I can share something that has accompanied me during many hours, and repeatedly: The Reconnection is giving away the audiobook version of “The Reconnection – Heal Others, Heal Yourself” as a free welcome gift. It is read by the author – and his voice and the beautiful energy it transmits have really impacted me on so many levels. (You will have to sign up and then “buy” the audiobook for $0).


See It for Yourself – Playing with the Frequencies

I have another treat for you. The Reconnection provided me with the beautiful video linked to this post. It is  showing Eric Pearl in Switzerland, exploring the frequencies with a participant in his talk. Although not everyone always physically responds to or feels the frequencies, direct physical reactions such as movement or tingling are very common. Yet we can sense the frequencies in many ways, and over time it also changes. What is important to understand is that no matter how we experience the direct exposure to the RH frequencies, we receive a healing. You may not notice anything, but then find yourself changed in your reactions to life, your perspectives, or in your health, or way of being. So after we do a session, we get to observe and watch our lives unfold.


Reconnective Healing Is Life Progress

Let me mention that RH is far more than just a healing tool. It facilitates a new way of being, and allows us access to our own multidimensionality – parts of ourselves that we didn’t use or even perceive. In my experience, once you’ve experienced that energy, light and information, all the aspects of my life that don’t resonate with that “lightness” and balance, just come out and fall away. Conflicts get resolved, we surrender to life, discover a flow, and we get to welcome and ease and joy into our lives. Reconnective Healing is life progress. It is becoming ourselves, more then we could ever dream to be.