When you embark on this journey towards yourself, your own power, your full potential – towards your happiness and success – you usually have to let go of a lot of old baggage. Accumulated negative emotions, limiting forms of thinking – little by little you let it go and transform it. You feel lighter and get more clarity about yourself, your life, and what you REALLY want – and of course how to act accordingly. You slowly learn to trust in yourself and in life. You open up to the possibility that everything is possible for you, and that you deserve all the best.

And then, there comes this moment of paralyzing fear. All of a sudden, this fear of loosing control, fear of not being safe, fear of dying, fear of not being loved, of being alone and lost … your biggest fear comes up and can be felt and experienced, when before it was “only” subconsciously affecting you in a million of ways. If you had known from the beginning that you would get into this experience, you might not have been so diligent about “working through you layers”, as I call it. Because this experience is terrifying.

And yet I am writing to you about this. Because it is your big chance of shifting and transforming on such a profound level, your whole life changes. How you see yourself changes. What is possible changes. What you yearn for comes into reach and is just a possible option. Peace, love, calmness and joy are waiting just behind that fear.

Jump or Die

It kind of sounds extreme, doesn’t it? Jump or die. Let me explain: In the moment when the fear is there, you feel it in your body, sense it in your thoughts, maybe it makes you cry and surely it makes you suffer. You will probably feel paralyzed, and all you want is to get out of this experience. You cannot move forward, you don’t want to. You just want that fear to stop.

Then you have two options. You could go back. Choose the safe play. Relax and try to find safety and comfort in what you already know. When you do that, it works for calming down the fear. But it comes at a price. It is like living your second best version. It is giving up on your dream, and abandoning the yearning for “something more”, however vague it may be in your mind. When you give up and choose the known because it’s safer, your heart won’t be in it. You won’t feel passion. You won’t be excited. In my experience, when we choose the safe road, we end up being dead alive. Best case, it can move you into an apathy where you have just accepted that life has nothing more to offer to you. Worst case, you feel sadness and loss, guilt and shame, and go through a rollercoaster of negative emotions. Because you went back. You didn’t make it to the other side of this challenge.

Jump, and Be Surprised

The second option is to jump into the unknown. It is the decision that no matter what, going back is not an option. I heard a beautiful metaphor of this decision in an interview with Eric Pearl at the Flow Summit this week, he compared it with jumping off a board:

It’s like diving off of a board.
Once you’ve left the board, there is no going back. There is no going back. 
And it’s exquisit, finding your center, your peace, your knowingness in a state of seaming chaos where you don’t know. You step into the unknown, and all you bring with you is your knowingness. Not knowledge, knowingness.

Eric Pearl in an interview with Lee Carol at the Flow Summit 2019

What if jumping into the water makes us realize that the water carries us? That it relaxes us? Clears away our burdens? What if we discover how to move in it, and how to enjoy the moving?

When we let go of everything we knew about what has to be done, how things are, and what we should do, we can discover an entirely different inner guidance. A knowingness of what’s right for us that is deeply rooted in trust in life. It is such a marvelous experience – and it always comes after the fear. As David R. Hawkins used to say “You always give up the small thing for the bigger thing”. You give up the illusion for an expansion of who you are. And the energy rises, so does your consciousness. That brings relief, and lets you discover a whole different realm of possibilities and life experiences.

My experience is that the minute we jump, we let go of any safety net and surrender to life, allowing for whatever is meant to happen, to happen – all the suffering disappears. In that moment, we can discover what it is within ourselves that holds us, makes us safe, gives us grounding. We can discover how life supports us anyways – as it has been the whole time. And that all this illusion of having things under control and being safe in what we know, was nothing else to begin with: only an illusion.

Why Would YOU Jump?

Where ever you are when you face this choice, please know that you have my full support. My heart is rooting for you to be brave, to open up to something new, however scaring it seems. I know you can do it. And I know you want to – because there is so much to gain. When we jump, we don’t only let go of everything that seemed to give us safety. We also let go of what tied us down, limited us, and held us back. We get to discover a new life, a new us, and an incredible shift and relief. Every time.

I wrote about this, telling you what I know and including the scary details. Why? It is just in case you don’t want to feel better and be the “bigger you” badly enough. Maybe you don’t believe enough in yourself, in life, and in the fact that you deserve to be this light, happy, new you – you will still get to the place where you have to choose. And when you get to this crucial point, you will know: I will go through this, no matter what. And why? Because going back, repeating the patterns and playing small is just too painful.

PS: If you need to see this more clearly, and you need someone to trust in you when you don’t, book in a free call with me and let me help you see that you can be brave.