So far, 2018 has been quite a ride. This morning I just felt that I wanted to share my story with you. I want to revel a little in the wonders and riches of life, and how we are supported and guided in our inner processes. And maybe share the inspiration I got with like-minded people. So, here we go:

My Next Step of Growth

I am always searching for professional improvement and for personal growth. At the beginning of this year I set the strong intention that I wanted to become more effective in my support processes for others and discover more depth in my abilities and skills around healing and personal support. I somehow knew that it was time now to expand and grow again.

A month into the year I had an existential crisis. I got so sick that I couldn’t get out of the bed for 5 weeks. And I went to the bottom of life, questioning everything I was doing and wondering – what is my purpose? As I help others to connect with their true purpose and to remove what holds them back form actually living it, you can imagine that it was very scary to not feel sure about why I am here, where I am going, how I can get there, and what it’s all about.

I decided to stick with the advice I give my clients when they go through a rough patch: “Just stop. Cut yourself some slack. Accept that you don’t know, and don’t have energy, and can’t move towards anything right now. The only thing you can do is not resist the experience.” I somehow managed to park my existential fears, let them be, let myself experience them –  and just allowed myself to rest in order to recover.

So I lay in bed, my body incredibly tired and my emotional state very low, but I started experiencing a kind of peace at the same time, as I knew – I really could not decide, could not move, could not do anything – so why not enjoy the moment of resting?

As I was sick, I could not read or watch, but I could listen. So I stumbled over an audio-book that deeply touched me and spoke to me on such a profound level: Wayne Dyer‘s memoir “I Can See Clearly Now“. It was fascinating and I loved to find myself and my own experiences and feelings in the life story of this fascinating, strong, influential, successful, authentic and integrious teacher and writer. Again and again, as I listened, I felt encouraged to follow my heart and accept that what I feel is right for me, even though it may be outside of the realm of what is normal, or rational, or recommended and accepted. I spent two days crying and laughing with the intensity of his story. And then something had shifted in me: What I had heard him say is, trust yourself, trust your instinct, trust life. I needed to hear this so badly. And on a very deep level, I somehow got the message.



There happened to be a free online summit where you could listen to the teachings of spiritual teachers, and I was really too tired and overwhelmed by life to be very open to its possibilities. But I stumbled over a  video of Eric Pearl and Jillean Fleer of THE RECONNECTION speaking about their work. My fist impression was not so positive, but I kept going back and searching out more information about Eric Pearl and Reconnective Healing, without even knowing why.

The Reconnection

I got the audiobook “The Reconnection – Heal Others, Heal Yourself”

In a humble, clear and humorous way, Eric Pearl tells his story, of how he “discovered” the Reconnective Healing frequencies – or should I say, how they discovered him? Large parts of his story are simply incredible – the miraculous healings, the way he tried to make sense of it all, and how life supported him in this process. I don’t want to spoil this for you, so I can only say, it is a book worth reading and re-reading. It made me experience such an incredible clarity, simplicity and peace, while some of the messages will surely be shocking and unbelievable to many people. It speaks about healing in a very different manner, connecting ancient teachings and spiritual truths with a new access, a new bridge, to being able to experience them and integrate them in our lives.

What is most astonishing and beautiful at the same time is that a part of Eric Pearl’s discovery is that these frequencies are accessible for anyone, and that once we entrain with them, we can recognize them again, and they can heal through potentially anyone – if we learn to get our ego out of the way. I love the explanation they give, that Reconnective Healing is not about INTENTION, what we want, or how we try to direct certain energies (as we generally do in other energy healing approaches). Instead, it is our ATTENTION that is needed. It is so simple: All we need to do is be aware, fully present in the moment, and experience the flow and sensations of the Reconnective Healing energies. Now all spiritual seekers will know that “just being aware” is not at all easy. But it can be. We can learn, let go of our preconceptions, and explore awareness right here and now without any intention.

I read on the website that you can do the Reconnective Healing sessions, but you can also receive “The Reconnection”, two sessions done within 3 days that connect the human energy system with the one of the earth and universe. I thought, that sounds amazing, and surely good for someone like me who always searches for being grounded. I found a practitioner, and when I was just healthy enough to get up, I went to see her – and those two sessions absolutely and profoundly changed my life. I am used to feeling energies as something physical, but the process itself seemed little spectacular – I didn’t get tired, hardly felt physical sensations, my mind kept running, and all these images and inner mental shifts kept happening. I left the first session crying on and off – for almost a day with a flood of emotions provoked by a flashback into an experience of my son. Strange, to feel something as someone else – but this is what happened in the first session. It was earth-shaking, and absolutely changed my outlook on life, my pending divorce, my relationship with my son and ex-husband. The second session was less spectacular – but as I got up I knew two things:

  1. Everything is different now. I am different. – But I still don’t know how.
  2. I am exactly in the right place and situation in every moment.

There is an infinite peace that came with these realizations, and it has not left me since. And yes, everything is different! I keep feeling these energies flow through me every day, and I got absolutely drawn in and obsessed with giving them room and integrating them in my life. For weeks I was on an emotional rollercoaster, learning about Reconnective Healing and experimenting with it; I just could not stop. But now, things have calmed down and I know that everything is just perfect, and it unfolds at its own pace.

I am “working” with these energies in my sessions and with my clients, as I support them going through my course, or even just when I am having a conversation with someone. I can’t really call it work, as it is just an awareness of this exquisit, calming flow and expansion that just happens whenever it does. But then again, this flow does bring about huge shifts and relief on the emotional, mental and physical level. It is a way of reconnecting with who we really are, our Source, the knowledge that we are all one, connected, and eternal.

As it happened for Eric Pearl, I witness the presence of these frequencies in many ways. One of them is a light in my bedroom that turns on by itself every night, and sometimes during the day. Scary? Weird? Yes. But I got used to it. I just see it as a sign of the presence of something bigger than us, some guidance and support, and encouragement I receive to keep going along this path.


The Coincidences of Life

The first noticeable “coincidence” was the book of Wayne Dyer, and how it gave me comfort and trust.

Can you imagine that I found a Reconnection Practitioner just around the corner?

Can you believe that when I was thinking about traveling to see Eric Pearl in person, just a few weeks after I was sick, he just came to a small village not even an hour from where I live (and traveled all the way from the other side of the planet!!!!)?

How did I get so lucky, that the event was just for a group of about 40 people – rather than hundreds, as it normally seems to be the case?

Isn’t it incredible that even though I did not like the initial video I saw, I just followed up and got into the Reconnection – because something within  me knew that there was a big message, a big shift and important experiences waiting for me. I didn’t doubt spending the money on the sessions – I just knew, that it was what I needed to do.

I asked life for growth as a healer, in my work, with my clients. And now, look at everything I got!

So, what has changed?

My divorce has come through, after years of being stuck in a conflict. I’ve stopped fighting and resisting in so many ways – because now I know, that I am in the right place at the right moment. My relationship with my son has become incredibly positive and loving, and we get to experience so much more joy. Shortly after the two sessions, I said yes to a business collaboration that leaves me free from having to do all the technical and tedious things that used to take away my energy. I get to do what I love, working with people and for people, and being creative – and I feel so much joy and gratitude about it. I also get so much support from other people, and meet new people who make my life richer and help me along the way.

As I go through my days, there is this permanent sense of peace. No matter what I feel, even anger, or guilt or anxiety – I am peaceful and calm and trusting in life at the same time. And this new way of being has accelerated my work. People let go of their burdens and old baggage so much faster. They feel better, and many of them experience their peaceful, healthy, strong and powerful self in a more direct and immediate way. It is really miraculous. It has not even been half a year since I set this intention to learn how to heal better. Now I know, again: it is not me who is healing someone. People heal themselves as they reconnect with who they really are. And everyone can do that, if they just open up to it. But it is so beautiful to be a witness of those processes and accomplishments, and to open those doors to others. So I enjoy experiencing that light entering my life, connecting me with the people around me, and allowing us all to grow.