MEET EMILY: My client and friend Emily has been part of the development of the ReSource Yourself Method and has put so much heart and dedication to learning and applying the method in her daily life. She has made huge changes as a person, mother, in her professional life, family and relationships. I am grateful and happy that she shares a part of her process with you today, and I hope it will help you to find empowerment and courage to read her words. Thank you for sharing, Emily!


About four years ago I had the good fortune to work with Katharina Seidler, an energy psychologist and therapist in Barcelona. The experience with Katharina’s energy psychology methods – called ReSource Yourself – was transformational. Previously, I had built a life around avoiding depression and anxiety and the external experiences that seemed to be related to these states. The avoidance of fear interfered with achieving my aspirations in life. Eventually the fear became unavoidable, and the search for help to deal with it lead me to Katharina. After a couple of months of ReSource Yourself I clearly saw that daily life was an expression of my inner state and that I had been projecting a lot of negativity onto the world. ReSource Yourself sessions helped me learn techniques to become more positive and flexible, and to let go guilt, fear and anger. In an instant, my idea of what my life was completely changed.


We already have everything we need

I learned techniques like surrender, dissolving blockages, and cancelling limiting beliefs. For a couple of years I spent most of my time in a state of peace and joy. It was a place in which some circumstances of daily life changed and some didn’t, but life was serendipitous and flowed easily and without effort. Most of my “problems” stopped being problems with the energy shifts that came about through the therapy. The whole experience was so far beyond what my rational mind had imagined was possible that I became curious about how the techniques worked, and I wanted to learn to use them in daily life outside of therapy.

Learning to use ReSource Yourself tools in daily life was, in itself, a profound experience that brought up many of the questions and answers I needed to grow. Using these techniques is a process of learning to look inside oneself to find one’s own strengths and truths. It can help us recognize our strong spiritual core that guides us through difficult times and that- in absence of negativity and blockages- we can experience as a profound appreciation and privilege of just being alive.


All of the questions and the answers lie within

One of the first resistances that came up was the doubt that I could use these tools on my own, without the help of the therapist. When I learned about the belief cancelling technique I wanted to be able to use it between appointments. But I wondered, How will I know if a thought is a belief to be cancelled? How can I know the best way of wording it? How can I know when it is 100% gone? This questioning is part of the process, because it offers the opportunity to look within ourselves to find the answers. In therapy, the therapist helps us find the answers that already lie within us, we need only be willing to look for them and pose the question.

Outside of the ReSource Yourself sessions I began by doing my best to identify limiting beliefs and to cancel them. In the end it wouldn’t matter if it wasn’t worded in the best way or if I didn’t manage to cancel it completely. I paid attention to how I felt and kept cancelling. The process got a lot easier with practice.

Another ReSource Yourself tool that I have used in daily practice is dissolving blockages. Again, it seemed impossible without the help of the therapist, and I still must admit that for me, ReSource Yourself sessions are faster and more effective than using the tool exclusively on my own. But using the tool myself supports the sessions and offers “self-help” when a session isn’t available.

How can one dissolve blockages outside of a therapy session? Identifying negativities in ourselves is possible simply by becoming aware of how we feel mentally and physically. We usually know when we are not feeling good, even if we deny it. We become aware of our denial at some point, and then we can work with the negativity. It doesn’t matter if we don’t know where it falls on the scale of consciousness, we can use the surrender technique to simply be aware of it, look at it and feel it until it subsides. Often we feel this growth process as realizations about the source of the negativity and its meaning. We can consciously set our intention to dissolve the negativity. One of the first issues that arose when I did this was that I really wanted to dissolve the blockages. I realized this wanting (desire) was also resistance to surrender. Often the first step is to try to let go of that first.


We are on this path because we have chosen it

ReSource Yourself provides practical ways to apply spiritual principles to daily life circumstances. When we are presented with negativity an initial reaction is often to reject or suppress it. It is helpful to remember that daily life will bring up precisely what we need. If for example, we set an intention to prioritize our own wellbeing over our work commitments, then suddenly daily life will show us all of the ways in which we do not prioritize our own wellbeing in our working lives. This can be really painful, but daily life provides the opportunity to look at the situation, resolve issues, and move to a higher space of functioning. Indeed, we chose this by setting an intention.

Over the course of several years I cancelled around 40 beliefs outside therapy sessions while on the path of daily life. One of my goals was to feel better and function more effectively day-to-day, but later I realized that daily life is only a reflection of the process that brings these issues into awareness. It is not about “getting somewhere” or arriving at a place of peace from which to spend the rest of one’s life. As we are so often told, the journey itself is the whole point.


Being Self and the self

Recently I felt unsettled and looked to see what I could do about it. Again, daily life was bringing to awareness something to surrender. I wanted to make some changes related to functioning in the world, but it had become difficult to function at all. I had consciously worked on a wide range of issues; I had let go of so much and was not really identified with being a woman, mother, worker, or even being a person or human being. I had the sense of being surrounded by negativity but without the mechanisms we use to protect the sense of self. Actually, there was little sense of self, but I wasn’t experiencing the joy or peace of “the Self” (the divine). Allowing the human experiences to arise brought up a lot of pain, sadness, but also the acceptance that this is a human lifetime and we are part of collective processes, some of which can be dissolved outside of awareness in ReSource Yourself sessions and others which seem to need to be consciously worked through and experienced.

Even after all of the inner work, I was still quite accustomed to making decisions from a place of “knowing”, and without it there seemed to be no way to make decisions or changes. I realized that spiritual growth does not preclude making decisions; there would be times when decision-making would flow autonomously and others when daily life would involve deciding or acting with more effort. Still, navigating the world when we don’t really “know” is a challenge. Compassion for myself and trusting in the process helps me enormously. ReSource Yourself helps me remember that whatever we go through will bring up the sensations, questions and realizations best suited to our spiritual growth.