I am worthy. I am filled with unlimited value.

How does  it feel to you to think or say these phrases? For many of us it’s a stretch that gets us to a place of “yes, but” .

I used to think of self worth as the sum of beliefs that I hold about myself, each belief being something I think to be true that gives me a more or less positive emotion about myself. So I spent a lot of time identifying the negative beliefs, and trying to figure out what ancient patterns affected me. I looked at karma, at systemic family patterns, or at collective beliefs I had adopted.

And it all ended up being work. I was constantly in a place of “yes, but”. Yes I live healthily, but I can’t get my weight to go down. Yes I am a good therapist, but I am not good at making my services known. Yes I am a great mother, but it is still so exhausting to live up to my expectations… I could go on and on.


My sense of self-worth was determined by two things:

  1. I rationally knew that I am worthy and deserving, yet I could feel myself hold back on so many occasions, and it was hard to receive, difficult to allow for things to be easy.
  2. On some level I believed that I had to earn my worth, become better, and “work on it”. Proving worthy was a constant struggle, and connected to constant effort.

Can you relate? What are the things you do to “become worthy”? How are you holding yourself back from receiving what life has to give to you, because you are not worthy yet?


A Deep Moment of Healing and Learning

Then, Reconnective Healing entered into my life. I did a few healing sessions and my Personal Reconnection. And it was so easy. I just lay there and received the frequencies of Reconnective Healing and their energy, light and information… At first it didn’t seem much. But when I left the second session, I knew deep down and without any doubt, that I was in the right place at the right time. That I didn’t need to fight, didn’t need to resist life. I know now that I can just let it flow through, and that it’s all good, just the way it is – including me.

As I progressed, I did the training program (The Catalyst), and again, the frequencies affected my self worth so profoundly: I experienced with full clarity and strength that I AM WHOLE. That I don’t need to do anything in order to become “more me” or ” a better me” or “more whole”. And the most amazing thing is, that knowledge has never left me.


What if…?

What if you knew you are whole? What if in your heart and soul you accepted that truth?

Would you…

  • keep working in what you are working, stay with the people you are surrounded with?
  • feel different when you wake up? And when you go to bed?
  • feel differently about the lists of things that you don’t get done?
  • maybe just allow yourself to be happy NOW, not only in some indefinite moment in the future when you’ve reached your next goal?
  • show yourself? Express yourself? Treat yourself differently?
  • witness conflicts resolve and stop arising, just because you don’t take things personally, and you don’t have to fight?
  • feel that you can just be who you are, and would that give the people around you the permission to be themselves?
  • experience more trust in yourself, in life, and in fulfilling the mission you are on in this life?


I can tell you that all these changes happened in me, and keep happening and manifesting more profoundly every day. And I have realized: Self worth is not something we have to earn or prove. I am worthy because I exist. It is my birth right, my human condition. And so it is yours!

I found a quote in the book “Solomon Speaks about reconnecting your life” by dr. Eric Pearl and Frederick Ponzlov, that expresses precisely this deep lesson I have learned:

Self-worth is the understanding that you are the universe. That you are in tune with other great life forces that are around us all. We are not isolated or incomplete. There are a great deal of self-help books to tell you that a love relationship will not make you complete, or various other attitudes to make yourself whole. There’s no need to make yourself whole. You are whole.

Everything is perfect in every moment, and we are all in every moment whole, worthy, and deserving. We just are not always aware of this. I know there are many ways that lead us into more self-actualization, into the connection with our spiritual being, our Source, God. Name it as you want. I found this reconnection through the Reconnective Healing frequencies, and they help me be aware of it every day, and every day a little more.

May your path lead you into that same peace and into knowing your own worth, in every cell of your body, every aspect of your being. It is not something you have to earn or become, it is who you are. Already now.

So remind yourself, if it’s not natural yet: I am worthy. I am filled with unlimited value.