If you forgive, you are the main beneficiary. Holding a grudge or remembering how others have failed you in the past is a sure way to hold on to negative energies in the form of negative emotions – and those affect your body, but also your wellbeing and happiness. They lower your life energy, and thereby weaken you. I hope I have given you reason enough to want to forgive!

When we want to forgive, we can. It is a chose to let go of the past and the “wrongs” and pains, and to choose being loving with yourself and others right here and now. Of course, it i much easier to enact this choice when we raise our energy – as for example, in the process of meditation.

Even if you are have forgiven a lot – there is always another layer, some aspect of pain that you can let go of now, that maybe wouldn’t even come into your awareness yesterday.¬†

So, join me in this process of forgiveness, release, and letting go – and relieve yourself of the burdens of the past. Enjoy!