Let go of fears, change the way you see yourself, feel worthy, free and happy – that’s possible! Many times I get to know people who look at me with eyes wide open when I tell them that there is a solution, that change is possible, and that it doesn’t have to be difficult or take long. But, how could it be explained better than with the words of somebody who has experienced this process? I am giving my thanks to Eva, a 38 year old teacher, for sharing her experience with us. Thanks!

How I began the therapy of emotions “ReSource Yourself”

Eva-PegenauteI was excited to begin my therapy with Kat. I don’t know why, but since I had seen her website, it seemed to me that that was what I was looking for and that it would definitely help me.

Since I was very little, I’ve always had anxiety and fear… Only thinking of the possibility that something could happen to me made me anxious, and for hours and days my thoughts would turn around whether or not this imagined harm was likely to happen to me.

The first day I got there in the state of a pressure cooker, trying to bear the pain that I was causing myself. I started to explain what was happening to me, and I started to cry… And in this moment Kat said to me: “I already know where we will start”. And instead of explaining all my life and my feelings and having to experience them painfully, we just began to dissolve these trapped emotions. We did this for about an hour, using a method that was completely new to me.

When we had finished, I felt relieved of all the pain that I was carrying inside myself, and I felt an inner peace that I had not experienced for a long time. It was like the sensation that you feel when you have cried for hours and you know that you will never cry again about this because it is not causing you any more pain.

I went home and felt so free and happy … I just couldn’t believe it.

The second time I was excited to get rid of more things that I was carrying around in my personal backpack that for years had been filling up and turning more heavy, and that I had started to empty out with Kat. I realized that the differnt methods she uses go beyond the established psychological approach, because we were using my thoughts and intentions in such a direct and profound way, and I was creating that change myself with her instructions and great knowledge. I wanted to know more and she recommended me a book to start with: “The eye of the I” by Dr. David R. Hawkins.

And as I read Hawkins’s book and I continue the therapy with Kat I am experiencing the most spectacular change in my life. Because even when things happen or I think about them, I am and I feel happy.