Are you a highly sensitive person?

I didn’t even know that such a thing exists until just a few years ago. And then I stumbled over the description of a highly sensitive person as someone who

  • easily knows how other people are doing
  • experiences her own moods and feelings are vulnerable to the surroundings
  • sometimes knows what is the right action without being able to explain it
  • is easily overwhelmed and frequently tends to draw back and reduce stimulation
  • is easy to influence – is strongly affected by other peoples suffering or negativity (and also their positivity)
  • generally has a strong physical experience of different emotional or mental states

Those are just a few points. But I went in my mind, check, check, check, and I realized: this is me! And this perfectly describes many of my clients!

Sensitivity is generally “managed” and repressed

The interesting thing is how we function before we know this about ourselves. It’s a little bit like being out of place, like a cat trying to function as a dog. But then you realize: I am a cat! And that’s the moment when you can start excepting what nature has given to you and using it in your favor.

It also reminds me of a woman trying to be “the better man” in a highly competitive and “male” world – and then realizing that what is labeled as a weakness, her way of being, perceiving and processing, is actually what that world needs to thrive.

What I have observed and experienced, is that we learn how to be rational, sensible people. We learn how to not be driven by our emotions.  And for us this means, how to not be overwhelmed by them. We learn how to be strong and not appear vulnerable. And for us this means, how to disconnect sufficiently from the people around us. We learn to see our sensitivity as a weakness and a point of vulnerability. And we strive to manage and handle this weakness with our mind and our rational capabilities. Does that sound familiar?

Sensitivity is an AMAZING STRENGTH

But what if you realize that you are much more emotion-driven than you like to admit? What if you recognize that a huge part of your energy is used to manage, avoid and suppress all the things you sense and feel and notice? Maybe that’s why you never quite “run right”, maybe that’s why there is no energy left to feel joy and happiness?

And what, if our sensitivity is our real strength? What if we allow ourselves to connect and to be aware of everything that we can be – and we discover that there’s a whole new level of information processing available to us? What if being so sensitive doesn’t have to make us weak and vulnerable, but is really at the center of our strength, if we only learn to accept ourselves as we are? What if we knew how to take care of our needs in a way that doesn’t leave us open and vulnerable to other people’s patterns and burdens? What if really being you is the only thing it needs so that you can perceive all the negativity around you without being overthrown and overwhelmed by it? What if, what has been in your way could be your biggest asset?

Sensitivity can be a game changer

Accepting and using my sensitivity has been a game changer. It put me on a different path, brought different visions and people into my life, and made me think big. It allowed me to know what’s right for me and to trust it without doubt. It helps me to notice when I depend on other people’s approval – and to choose to rely on my own approval instead.

I could go on and on. But I want to know about you! Is there a sensitivity hidden in you ready to be uncovered? To what degree are you relying on your rational abilities – and is it working out? If you explore the idea that your sensitivity and your emotions might bring the ease and self-reliance we all yearn for…. where does that leave you?

There’s a whole world out there to be explored and enjoyed. And best to do it as a cat when you are a cat.

PS: As always, I am here to help. I can help you get clarity about how you can integrate and use your sensitivity, book in a free call with me and let me help you be with yourself in a more positive way.