The Fears of Success – No More “Pushing Through”!

Fear and anxiety are one of the main challenges to overcome when you want to live a life of meaning, success, abundance and joy. Whenever we procrastinate and self-sabotage, we don’t take the steps we know we should take, and we stand in our own way and keep ourselves small, fear is a crucial element. We always learn that we have to “push through” the fear, but that is exhausting and frequently ineffective. The alternative? Learn to dissolve it at its root, and release it from your body and your mind.

Fear, panic and anxiety are automatic reactions of the body and mind, almost “programmed”. If you don’t want to accept living without serenity and under the rule of these automatic reactions and emotions, you must face several challenges:

Know your fear. We all have very similar fears, and it’s amazing how when we’re not moving to express our full potential, many times it’s because of the same fears of success. Check out the list to see which ones may be affecting you:

  • Rejection – People will criticize me and what I do.
  • Exclusion – I will be alone.
  • Failure – I fail because I am worthless.
  • Isolation – I don’t belong.
  • Loss of love – I am too powerful to be loved.
  • Loss of identity – I loose who I am.
  • Uncertainty – I don’t have control.

Face your fear. It is very common to avoid the situations that cause us to panic or be nervous, in order to not have to experience these states. Sometimes we pay a high price for that: We lose a part of life that matters to us. If we’re lucky, that keeps us from experiencing fear, but on other occasions, it just appears anyway. Avoiding situations that trigger anxiety and panic not only slows us down, but also deprives us of the opportunity to learn that things can be different, easier. If you face your fear, it loses all its power. The good news is: You can face and process it in “controlled” surroundings, before you even get to the situation that would trigger it!

Find acceptance and a positive perspective. Physical or emotional symptoms are always a sign; we need balance, we need a change. While our attitude is hoping that these symptoms disappear, we cannot learn from them. As a first step we need to accept those emotions of fear, panic or anxiety, and accept ourselves with them.

Transform the emotional basis. We must liberate and transform their emotional roots, in order to eliminate the automatic and uncontrollable part of your feelings. Subconsciously, there are always parts of us that want to keep the symptoms. Give them a solution to find relief.

In many different approaches of Energy Psychology, I have seen that it is entirely possible to “treat” specific and diffuse fears, panic and anxiety. You have the ability to let go of your fears and live freely. The second your body releases the energy of fear, anxiety disappears. And your mind is incredibly powerful and can stimulate and activate this release in so many ways! Sometimes you have to become aware of old fears and let them go, sometimes you have to change your inner belief systems. On other occasions, you can even give back fear that you have taken on from other people around you, or even from ancestors – there are many different approaches that just have one thing in common: You don’t have to push through it, you can simply let it go!