Overcome Depression and Burnout, so You Can Move Forward

Sometimes we JUST CAN’T ANYMORE. When life faces us with a depression or burnout, there is usually a big fear we have not been able to face. Stopping and giving ourselves what we need is the first step, and it brings us to a process that potentially lets us grow beyond what we have ever imagined for ourselves. Depression holds the key to surrender and expansion, and connecting with our true, infinitely powerful self.

The deep sadness, need to cry, exhaustion, feeling down, difficulties sleeping or eating, negative thoughts, lack of hope and strength, low self-esteem, self-doubt –  When loss, expectations, obligations and changes are simply too much, sometimes a breakdown is the only possibility left so our “system” can stop and reorganize.

Looking at depression as a spiritual challenge and taking the necessary steps will help you to:

  • Break the negative vicious circle. We have to reach a “shift of energy level” for the body, mind and emotions, so that all of these aspects can be more positive again. Relatives and friends are easily exhausted because they tend to start feeling bad themselves when faced with a person they love who is in the vicious circle. But a professional companion holds a position “outside” of this negativity and lack of energy. That’s how we can help you  to find the techniques and inner impulse to break with all the negativity.
  • Learn new ways to handle negative emotions, including: guilt, fear, sadness, anger and loneliness, and solve common problems without resorting to old habits. When we are feeling low, we often feel that everybody around us is against us, and we sink into our suffering. When you discover that you can positively influence your emotions, you have won a lot. Facing the root fear is then something that is not only possible, but much less difficult than you may think.
  • Achieve real success. Successes are a vital part of improving and definitely help you to find new motivation. The most difficult steps are the first ones, because sadness and depression lead us to believe that we cannot change anything, nor achieve what we want, and that it doesn’t even matter if we make an effort. We must change these beliefs in order to make the effort that will verify that we can, too, and bring us motivation. And success.

You have to ask yourself: Have I suffered enough? Am I sick of going to bed beaten and waking up worn out? Do I want to be done with all the negative things my mind keeps telling me? Do I deserve something better from life? If you answer YES, you CAN reemerge out of these darkest moments of life. If I got to help you in taking your first steps, I would tell you: Even just one session can produce a noticeable difference and can make you feel a lot better and give you hope and faith. Change is only difficult if you try to create it from a low-energy place. But if you get help, it can actually be both easy and fast to raise your energy and find the hope and motivation to take the steps you need to take!

Depression is not a way to live, and you deserve so much more. Just get in touch with me and let me explain how this is possible for you!