If you had to die today, would you have regrets about your life? What would you have to miss out on? Would you look back on a fulfilled life experience, lots of love, huge amounts of beautiful, joyful, happy moments, and challenges overcome?

Or would you be like most people, and look back on a life of mediocrity, obligation, fighting, survival, lost chances and repeated patterns? Or maybe you would look at a good life without any reason for complaint… But would you die with the nagging feeling that there was something for you in this experience that you never quite found? Would you leave knowing that you did it all right – but it didn’t make you smile or thrive or love, or be full of joy and purpose?

Leaving a Mark, Making a Difference, Being YOU

We are hear on this earth to fulfill a unique and special purpose, and when we find what that is, and follow its calling, we have a chance of really being happy and fulfilled – and multiplying positivity for those around us.

Louse Hay, the founder of Hayhouse Publishing, writer of many books and courses about mirror work and self-love, died a few years ago. I am still getting her newsletter. And it is still a source of inspiration, support, and a good energy. Can you imagine that? We are not even talking about the direct personal influence she had on many people, but traces she left in the sand of life that are still reaching people’s hearts and changing their lives.

You don’t have to write a book, or be self-employed, or change the world big time. Maybe you will, but that is not the point. Maybe there is a big calling for you, something that can possibly reach many people and have lots of impact. Or maybe, your calling is in the details: The celebration you organize for a friend, and that only you can make special and personal. The garden you tend to, the time you take to just sit with someone who’s suffering. The way you cook for others that will never be forgotten. The way you think and write and share your thoughts, or how you approach a certain business problem in a conflict situation…

Are You Alive?

Are you following your strengths and likes and doing the things that you love in life? Because when you do, they make you happy, they make you grow, and they allow you to be alive. Ask your heart: What if I could be and do anything I want – who would I be and what would I choose to do?

Maybe you already have an answer. Or maybe your mind is so full of automatic old patterns and reactions telling you that it’s not possible, you don’t deserve, you can’t, or you shouldn’t, that you don’t even allow yourself to think about it… When we want to stand strong and shine our light, and live in a way that makes us proud and empowered, we have to let go of those ways of thinking and the negative feelings we have about ourselves and what is possible.

Take a Risk – or Be Dead While Alive

Let me tell you: Everything is possible. If your heart desires you to be something, you can! The question is not if, it is how! Why would we even have those deep desires, if it wasn’t life’s way of leading us in the right direction?

What have you got to loose? If you don’t take a leap of faith, take a risk, and find and express who you truly are, if you don’t show yourself, and take steps towards being able to do that  – you’re already dead. It doesn’t matter if you live another year or 10 or 50. When the moment comes, on our deathbed, I want you to know that it was all worth it. That you were brave enough to be true to yourself, and that every moment was filled with aliveness.

If you are ready for your leap of faith, ready to make a change, willing to find more aliveness and joy – let me help you figure out your next steps. Book in a free call with me and gain clarity and decisiveness.