Do you know what love feels like? Are you sure?

The fact is: We don’t all have the experience of how the energy of love feels. That may sound harsh. But let me explain.

What we call love is usually related to relationship experiences, and encompasses closeness, trust, desire, need, a mutually fulfilling exchange – or sometimes just a strong attachment to the other person.

When I talk about LOVE, I mean something so much bigger than the before mentioned, something that has to do with all the areas of your life, with yourself, your work, your self-esteem, your way of being and living, and of course, your relationships.

When we look at love as an energy, it can actually be quantified. We can “measure it”. It is an energy that calibrates over 500 on Dr. David Hawkins’ Scale of the Levels of Consciousness. And it can be measured with the method of kinesiology, a muscle test. But most importantly, it can be noticed, felt, and has a huge effect on you and your life and those around you.

Love energy has to do with the experience that life is a flow, that there are no coincidences, that things are connected, and even that everything is connected. Love energy comes with the experience of gratitude, joy, forgiveness, creativity, flow, inspiration, intuition, and trust in life. Doesn’t that sound amazing? When you get to experience a state of love, you really don’t need anything else. You don’t need to reach a goal, or even be with the person you love. That’s why you can even love someone who doesn’t return your feelings – without suffering! Just feeling that exquisit experience within yourself is enough, and nurtures you and others.

Once you experience a state like that, you will always want to return to it – and it’s a huge motor of inner growth and change. When you know in your heart that life can be easy and joyful, that you are safe and guided and that your life is meaningful and you are loved – you can go about your every day life in a very different and much more relaxed way.

I have spent a large part of my professional and life journey figuring out how to “get there”, and how to help others to do the same. The fact is, we all have it in us. It is accessible. And it cannot be attained, not as something you need that is outside of yourself. But it can unfold from the inside out.

Opening up to this kind of love in your life has everything to do with being willing to feel. And in fact, that is a beautiful truth also in relationships: Loving a person has to do with being willing to feel everything they are (including the negative or painful aspects). Loving yourself means allowing yourself to be all you are at any given moment, and to choose to be positive and nurturing with yourself through it all (yes, even when you think you fail, you are guilty, shameful, worthless, or fearful!)

Moving towards the experience of love as an energy and a level of consciousness can be a life path, a life journey, and I think it’s also an attainable goal, something that is possible to reach (but not to hold on to). In my experience, a big part is being willing to take responsibility of the negativity within yourself, and to learn how to transform it – doing the “inner work”.

Doing the inner work can also mean to be willing to feel pain (it doesn’t have to, though). And being loving means to be open to feeling the pain of others, the world, and your own. But when you let go if the idea that you have to avoid pain, when you let go of that resistance, it is oh so sweet. Behind all the control and the holding on, there is an ease, a beauty, a faith in yourself and in life, a strength, and the ability to see the positive  – and that frequently transforms the pain, without you even doing anything. All I can say about this is “I LOVE MY LOVE”, the process, the openness, the vulnerability, the sensitivity, the connecting – and all the beautiful sensations and experiences and perspectives they bring.

Maybe you don’t understand what I am talking about, or maybe you can relate. This is what you experience when the energy in your system rises, and when you let go of old patterns and burdens. This is what you experience when things “shift” – as you go through your inner process. All that this shifting does is to show you that love, that flow, that immense power within yourself. And maybe you are not experienced yet in how to go with these processes, how to be with them, use them, and ignite them.

But in any case, there is an aspect that is so simple, and really helps: JUST WALK.

Just walk through life, and be willing to be there, feel, be present. Stop being afraid of failing or of pain – and walk! because when you move, you make new experiences, and you can be more aware as you do. As you are more aware, you can understand, let go and surrender, and make new experiences. And if it is the experience of a consciousness level of love that you want, that is where your subconscious will guide you.

Enjoy the path, meet you there! And please share your experiences and questions – that’s what the comments section is for!

PS: And should you be interested in discovering this energy and consciousness level in you life, but you don’t know how to go about it – I can help. I can help you see your potential, and get an understanding for the steps to take! Book in a free talk with me, and we’ll take it from there!