Career Coaching – More Than a Vision And a Plan

Any career coach would tell you that if you don’t have your vision clear of where you want to go, you can’t get there. They would tell you that if you don’t act and don’t take a risk, you can’t win. And they are right.

As an Energy Psychologist I impart from the assumption that everything is energy – our thoughts and emotions, our body’s, our actions, the things that surround us – really any aspect of our lives and our experience. From that perspective, I would like to ad to the traditional career coaching approach an insight I see in my client’s careers many times: Sometimes, it does not matter whether you have a vision and you know what steps to take to get there. If the vision and the intention to make it happen come from a negative energetic place, you will not have the power or physical energy to create it in your life. You can try really hard, but with no result. Then in may seem that you’ve tried everything, but that you are blocked, and that life just doesn’t support you.

That can be a really frustrating and discouraging experience. Career coaching can help you move forward – from the right place, with the right amount of effort, and for the right reasons. And of course – for the right results!

Grow Your Career – From The Right Place and For The Right Reasons

We are not trained or equipped to perceive energies directly, so it’s not always easy to know “when we come from a low place”. But our emotions, thoughts and physical experiences are an indicator. If you experience

  • the pressure to be more successful,
  • shame about asking for a better payment or about being seen,
  • rejection by others,
  • anxiety or insecurity,
  • exhaustion that holds you back from acting,
  • or you are constantly forcing yourself by sheer will to keep going,

it’s quite likely that your intention to take your career to a new level is energetically low. Contrarily, if you experience sensations of excitement, flow, creativity, gratitude, joy and optimism, you likely have a good energy to go on.

Two Truths of Career Coaching

First, I’d like to say that it is not enough to have a clear vision. It needs to be one that comes from your heart and connects you with your life purpose, and gives you the feeling that you are going for who you are meant to be. Does your career vision give you those positive sensations? Does it make you shine and smile and feel happy and sure of yourself?

Second, even when you have that beautiful and powerful and clear vision that helps you be more authentic and be who you are meant to be, that doesn’t mean that you can act and make it happen. We frequently experience inner blockages, mental or emotional baggage’s from the past, from our family systems, even from the people that surround us. And when we do, we just simply don’t have the energy to act.

Start With Awareness And Love

So, taking your career to a new level or creating a new professional space for yourself is a mix between connecting with your powerful vision, and seeing and dissolving the negative parts in yourself that hold you back. There are always parts in us that are not ready to shine and to experience success, abundance and joy in your work life. Maybe we are scared of being judged, being lonely, separating us from our roots and family and friends, or we feel guilty, rejected and undeserving.

Once you are able to see these parts in yourself and to give them attention, you can learn many methods and tools to help transform them. But the first step is seeing them, being aware of them without resistance or judgment, and maybe, if you can, even loving them a little.