Nowadays, children write a letter to Santa, or to the Three Kings – or they tell their parents what they wish for. But what do we do when we grow up, and the things we wish for are less material? What if what we really want has a lot to do with feeling a certain way, and is not so easily attained, or cannot be bought with money?

The Canadian Writer Laurence J. Peter said:

If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll probably end up somewhere else.

I definitely believe that is he’s right – don’t you? So maybe, for us adults, making a wish can mean to be clear about where we’re going, or said differently: what our intentions are.

Intentions are one way of clarifying where we want to go, goals are another one. The disadvantage of goals is that they can create a lot of pressure, and we can feel really bad when we don’t reach them, because the whole idea behind them is to have a measurable concrete result that we aim for. Goals are about creating a plan and going through with whatever actions we need to achieve them.

Intentions on the other hand are more about opening up to something, activating it in our mind, and thereby guiding our perception and our subconscious and conscious processes in moving towards the content of the intention. They speak in brain language as well: They are formulated in present tense, positively, and they help us tune in with what we really want. But they don’t assume that we are in control of every variable, and so they guide us without creating pressure. I think of intentions as a way of “opening the field”, energizing an idea, sending out something that can open us and open up a field of possibilities.

I really like setting intentions, and I do it all the time: Before I start a difficult conversation, before I start a project, at the beginning of a meditation, when I start the day, or before I  write a blog post. They help me focus my mind, remember what is really important, and feel strong, positive and in control. I am always in control of my intention – even though the result may not be what I was going for.

I would like for you to experience the sense of strength and determination that comes up when you formulate your intentions. It can almost be like a “magical” act of “asking something from the universe”. I am sure, every person will appreciate different aspects. And I’d love for you to find out in what way intentions are great for you.

So, today I am inviting you to


I would like for you to formulate 3-4 intentions for your upcoming holidays.

Think about the time ahead, your family, the potentially challenging or stressful aspects of the celebration. How do you want it to go? In a perfect world, how would it be? Formulate the phrases in present tense, as if they were true, and focus on expressing aspects that describe the way it feels and is, rather than a specific solution.

Here are a few of my intentions for this Christmas:

  • I am enjoying playing with the children.
  • I feel peaceful and loving towards my family and all its members.
  • Work progresses subconsciously while I sleep and relax.
  • I enjoy lightness as I play and laugh.
  • Christmas nurtures me and gives me strength and inspiration for the year to come.

In a certain way, even when we formulate an intention we already create a positive solution in our mind. It helps us to find a new and more positive perspective, and tells our subconscious what to go for. We make our input, our intention, and then we let go and trust. We trust that life brings the best possible way, and that we are guided and supported. The more we can trust, the more powerful the process gets. After all, what we belief to be true, is much more likely to become true (self-fulfilling prophecy). So if we believe in the power of our intentions, we can get to experience it.

What are your intentions? How was it to formulate them? What was easy, what difficult? What are your thoughts on intentions? Please leave a comments below or on my facebook page!


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