Not everybody likes surprises. But surprises can really make us feel special and loved.

In fact, when people talk about their long relationships, they will frequently say that there is nothing that can surprise them anymore. And they have a sense of loss, they miss those early days when both partners were still actively thinking about how to reach the other person and make them feel really good.

When we give something to someone that they don’t already expect, it can be valued even more. For surprising someone, you also need to know them well, and sometimes it helps you to put yourself into their shoes. What do they like? How do they like it? How could you give them an experience that feels really good to them?


You can surprise anyone you choose, even yourself, or a complete stranger.

Take time to change perspective. You can ask yourself what you would like to be surprised with. But then shift your perspective and explore, what would be good for the other person?

Pick a simple act to surprise this person, something that doesn’t create stress or pressure for you. If you find something that you enjoy or that makes you excited, even better!

The last time I got surprised very much was when a stranger made me a gift and paid my coffee for me at the airport. That act of kindness really made my day, and I am still remembering months later. A surprise visit or call, someone offering to cook for me… Surprises can be small and big. But what counts is the intention: To make the other person feel good!

Be creative – and feel free to share your surprises and how you feel about them in the comments or on my facebook page!


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