We are always whole and complete, but we don’t always experience that. One way to feel complete and have a sense of belonging is when we are connected with our roots and where we come from. If we want to “go beyond” our family, and we forget to honor everything we are on account of where we’re from and who preceded us, we tend to experience pain and limitation in many ways. It’s when we succeed because of our ancestors and in their honor, when we can reach balance and stable success.


Today is about more connection, this time, the connection with your roots. Just invest a few minutes for tuning in with your past, your ancestors, and your roots. 

The easiest way to do that in this time of year is to reflect:

  • What is special about the holidays in your culture? What were you taught as a child about what’s important?
  • Which traditions, family customs, foods or drinks, cultural activities or specialties are connected with the holidays because of your upbringing and background?
  • Which positive traces of your heritage can you find in yourself? Which customs did you choose to continue? Which ones might be nice to revive?

Now, look at all the things that connect you with your roots during the holidays: I would love for you to pick ONE aspect or detail, and to give it room in your life. You can do that by sharing your memory, or by doing a traditional act, or by looking at old pictures, just to give you a few ideas.

What other ways can you find to connect with your roots in this holiday season? Feel free to share your ideas and thoughts in the comments or on my facebook page!


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