Our surroundings influence how we feel. Things have energy, and it affects us. My mother used to decorate the whole apartment with Christmas objects, and she still does it… It’s a part of why I like it so much to visit her during the time of advent, the weeks before Christmas. And I realize that it became something very normal to do for myself, to create that special Christmas feeling by decorating the surroundings.

Now I realize that a big part of feeling so positively around is not the decoration itself, but what I associate with, it: calm time with cookies and a cup of tea and the Bach’s Christmas Oratory, time to share with each other, time to sing, lighting candles, beautiful lights lit in the dark while we were safe and warm inside…

Nonetheless, it all starts somewhere. And the decorations, when put with intention, can open the door to creating something that can last in you and in your children, in family members and friends…


Choose or buy or make a beautiful holiday ornament and place it in a space where it can be seen and remind you of how precious this season is, and how precious every moment is that we get. 

If you have already decorated, maybe you can think of a message, or a feeling that you would like to live more in this special season and how to make it present in your car, on your fridge, in your purse, your clothes, on your desk, or on your phone or computer screen. One simple thing you can always do is creating an affirmation and printing it out, or using a photo, or a symbol of the sensation you are searching for, whatever comes to mind.).

In any way, let your surroundings support you!

Observe how it feels different once you have dedicated a little care and creativity to the space around you. And let us others know in the comments or on my facebook page, we’d love to be a part of your process!


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