When we think about something, anything, our consciousness level determines which information we are going to filter out, perceive and focus on. When we experience a low energy or a low consciousness level, we will tend to feel negatively and see all the lack, blockage, failure and hardship or difficulty. In the same way, when we experience a high energy or a high consciousness level, we will focus on and see and live the positive aspects of the thing or situation in question.

The truth is, all of the different perspectives are true, possible, and can be real. They are all there at the same time, and what you perceive and focus on is actually dependent on who you have become, who you are and what you choose in this moment.

The choice of perception happens largely unconsciously. Our level of consciousness makes us see certain aspects as “the truth”. But it is also true that we can choose to focus on the aspects we want to perceive, give them room, space, attention – and then we stand a good chance that our consciousness level adapts and rises, in order to mach with our choice.

One way of applying this fact is with the gratitude technique, focusing on the things we are or can be grateful for. And that is what I am inviting you to do today:

Feel and express your gratitude

1. Take time to become aware of everything you can be grateful for. I am proposing a few questions to guide you in your exploration. You can choose to write down the answers to these questions, or you can just reflect on them.

  • What can you be grateful for in your life? Which people, luxuries, circumstances, things, experiences or perspectives?
  • Who has made a positive difference for you this year and how?
  • In what ways have you received this year? What did life give to you?
  • Where has it been easy?
  • What achievements have you made?
  • In what way did your parents help you become the capable person you are today?
  • What did they teach you that helped you this year, or in this period in your life?
  • Which beautiful things did you get to experience this year?
  • In what way are you fortunate?
  • What are the things that you take for granted that are not normal for the larges part of the world population?
  • And this may be a hard one: When you think of the most difficult things this year, what did they give you and contribute to your life that is valuable?

2. I would love for you to express your gratitude. Pick one person to either thank for what they have done or been to you, or to share your answers to the previous questions with. Ask them about what they are most grateful for in life.

Please share what you are most grateful for, or a new thing that you discovered is worth feeling gratitude about. How do you feel after doing this little exercise of introspection and sharing? What changed compared with before the exercise?

Thank other people for existing and supporting you, or write down everything you are grateful for today and in this time of your life.

And pleas don’t forget to let us know what you are especially grateful for – in the comments or on my facebook page!


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