Sharing is something that happens naturally when we feel close to someone, or want to be close to them. Sharing is a way of showing ourselves, but also a way of giving. And, interestingly, when we give, we receive.

The other day I watched a couple on the train, and they were obviously in love. They shared the space, their attention, their thoughts, their smiles, their mutual appreciation – and it was so beautiful and intense to even just be watching them.

Sharing can also make us vulnerable, or so it seems. If I open up and show myself, I might be rejected. The other person might not want what I have to give. So we learn how to share on many different levels, thereby trying to minimize the risk of rejection. That is ok, it is useful – as long as it doesn’t keep us from sharing and opening up all together.

So, today I would like you to


It can be a beautiful thought or a beautiful, inspiring idea – maybe you can think of someone who needs to hear it.

Go through your senses in order to think of things you might like to share: Which smell, movement, touch, image, thought, sound makes you feel good? How could you share them?

Obviously, we all can share on social media. What could be something to inspire other people? What is worth spreading?

Did you read or hear any inspiring quotes or stories lately? How about sharing them?

Maybe you want to lend someone your favorite book, or propose to someone to do a certain shared activity? 

Do you have a memory that you would like to share, or a story to tell? You can decide to share something about yourself or your life that you have held inside until now.

AND: Because it goes so well with our day’s theme – today is THE day for SHARING your experience in the comments or on my facebook page!


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