The biggest gift we can make to someone is to be present. To really see them. To really listen and be present, no matter what this makes us feel. Being present and feeling with someone when they are suffering, not trying to protect ourselves, but being “in it” with the other person – this attitude can really bring about healing experiences and almost always makes the other person feel better.

We can even make this gift to ourselves. Isn’t that a crazy idea? Too simple? Sometimes the biggest gift lies in the simplest detail. Knowing that is one thing, but what can blow your mind is to experience it – if you DO it!

So, today I want you to practice how to do this, to


Go for a walk and be here and now, perceive exactly what is there, how it feels to step on the ground, to breathe, what you hear. Go through your senses and perceive and let go when you exhale. This can even just be the walk from your car to your office, if you’re really pressured for time. What’s important is that you are absolutely present with your sensations, the things you hear and feel and think in that moment, and that you perceive your surroundings and you don’t think about your future or your past. You just perceive and let go.

This is actually what we do in meditation. We learn to be right HERE AND NOW. And that has a whole set of benefits, and connects you with your innate power. If you find this idea intriguing, you can join us every Friday for the free online group meditation. OR you can listen to the replays here.

But for today, just for a little while, be absolutely present with yourself. Let me know how it goes!

Please, share your experiences in the comment section or on my facebook page. Was it easy? What wasn’t? How would or could you give more presence and awareness to yourself? And to others?


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