I am really thinking a lot about receiving these days. I realized that in order to experience abundance, we have to be willing and able to receive. And many times, we are so busy “keeping negativity out” that there is not a lot of space for receiving.

What if being ready to receive has to do with also being willing to experience negativity and pain? What if, because we don’t resist it, the pain transforms? What if everything we receive, everything that life has in store for us is perfect for us to grow and get closer to who we are meant to be, who we want to be, our authentic self? I know this may sound cynic to some of you, but know that I have gone through a lot of difficulties in the last years, and for me, the idea of not fighting life is sooooo beautiful. It makes me able to see all the good things that I do have, and to appreciate my life in so many new ways. Try it if you will, and let me know about your experiences!