You want to reach a goal, but you go in circles. You never seem to make it, and you feel stuck and frustrated. It is getting hard to believe in yourself, and sometimes it seems that life is just against you. You can’t stop worrying, and there seems to be no solution. Well, maybe it’s time to figure out what’s the real root of the problem. When you find the real root(s), you can break any circle, make an enormous transformation, and reach the impossible.

People tell me that this is a gift I have, figuring out very quickly where a person is stuck and which hurdle there is to overcome. Some of it may be talent. But there is a process and an understanding behind the ability to recognize the problem – when we look at the underlying energy in a certain situation.

In this video I am sharing the main tool that I use to get clarity – and it also explains the most basic concepts underlying my work. I hope it inspires you and would love to hear about your thoughts and experiences.

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