For the first time in my life, I had decided I needed to do coaching and consult with an expert about the path my life had taken and how to make things work in a different way. After giving it a lot of thought I decided that Katharina would be the person to help me in this. I have known her for long time and this helped me to take the decision. Her approach, professionalism and attitude in life were things I took into account when choosing her for my coaching. She helped me in different ways, but most important was that she made me feel that I am the only one that can take control of my life. From that moment on, everything change. I started thinking in a more positive way and working hard to optimise my resorts to make my life better. Today after her coaching, I feel more confident, optimist and capable of my possibilities to find a better job, improve my relationship with others and making my dreams come true. Thanks Kat for all your help!!! I wish you all the best and please continue with your excellent job because it is worth it for a lot of people.